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  1. Stunningly beautiful pieces! Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed looking at those treasures.
  2. I’m using fabric for a bathroom floor. I want to make it shiny like tile. Glossy mod podge did not work. I usually lay thin sheet of clear plastic over fabric floors to look like tile, but wondered if there was another way. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I built this house several years ago. The complete plans are included in the magazine. So much fun!
  4. I recently acquired 2 old kits (Houseboat and Adams). While checking to see if they were intact, I noticed some mold on the edges of a few pieces. Should I use diluted bleach? In the past for mildew smelling pieces, I’ve wiped with Murphy’s and then dilute tea tree oil, rinsed, wrapped in plastic, and placed in the freezer. Worked well. But these are whole sheets of wood and I can see the mold. Advice?
  5. Greetings! I’ve been a member for a couple years, but posted for the first time just yesterday. I live in Missouri, and have always loved miniatures. I’m currently renovating and landscaping my largest dollhouse. Ten rooms, all brick. My aunt found it in an antique shop 15 years ago. I also have built a 3 story Christmas building (Celerity), a half scale (scratch built from Nutshell News plans), and several kit room boxes. I love all the knowledge and creativity in this community!
  6. How would I go about removing Reutter items from their shadowbox display?
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