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  1. Lise A

    The Kitchen

  2. Lise A

    Kitchen sink

    I'm still trying Samantha. For some reason I just can't seem to post anything. This was the first picture in a very long time that was successful.
  3. KathieB if you want a less expensive solution to actual copper, I used card stock spray painted with Rust-Oleum, Hammered Paint & Primer in One - Copper. I was very pleased with the result. You can see the result in the pictures I've posted.
  4. I love all things cross-stitch and this looks lovely.
  5. Lise A

    Chanticleer landscaping

    Your work is stunning!
  6. Lise A


    One word...ditto.
  7. I used the Elmer's Wood glue with no problem. I think the secret is to pre-stain the pieces so the sides are stained and then a heavy weight on top as the glue dries. I used a bag of pennies.
  8. Lise A

    Now a pink one

    You are very talented. I've tried to do something in wicker and have not been able to do it. Such beautiful work.
  9. Lise A

    Agnes & Agatha

    They are fantastic!
  10. Lise A

    I flocked a Cat.JPG

    Beautiful! I am attempting to make my own items for my house due to budget but, I know I will never be ready to tackle something like this. Good job.
  11. I love it! Great job!
  12. Hi Cass, I too am working on my first dollhouse. I had to wait for retirement to start it but now it has become a full time job lol. I have gotten so many useful tips here and reading the posts and looking at pictures has given me plenty of inspiration. Good luck, hope you have fun.
  13. Lise A

    Pattern books

    I have some of my grandmother's crochet pattern books. I'm sure they are over 100 years old because my mother is 90 and they were her mother's. It is wonderful to collect things from the past.
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