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  1. I watched the show because of the dollhouse and because it was mostly filmed in a small town that I used to live in when I was in middle school. Barnesville, GA.
  2. The Montgomery Hall dollhouse from the movie Austenland. What a beauty!
  3. Not part of the story at all. It was just in the background when the detectives was questioning the victim. :)
  4. You called it! That is a Newport. :)
  5. I watched The Awakening last night with my best friend! We screamed and jumped off the couch several times. It was so good. And I got so happy anytime she was close to the dollhouse. I kept wanting to show more and more of the beautiful dollhouse.
  6. Look! I think it's a Beacon Hill Dollhouse in the background. It is at the beginning of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 17 Episode 12.
  7. This is one of my favorite dollhouses! I wish I was in Tulsa, right now.
  8. Here is the Thornhill dollhouse I found for $50 at Goodwill in Pensacola, FL. I had a video company ask me if they could use it for a music video.
  9. Pick up for the house is Los Angeles, CA! Maybe it belonged to someone famous or a celebrity had it made for their child. Maybe it was on a movie set. And somehow along its journey, those facts were lost. We need to get a Dollhouse Private Eye on the case!
  10. Not sorry at all! Keep them coming!
  11. I love this dollhouse! Do you know the name? And I will go watch this movie now!
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