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  1. Ran out of tape wire so until I get to the craft store working on the exterior! bottom pictures are the new ones with the new color. Still need shutters, shakes, trim, etc but it's coming along...
  2. Beautiful!!! That's exactly what I had in mind for my front porch. Did you follow a template? Your work is gorgeous!!
  3. I don't know what the other people used but I don't think it was the same in every room. Most of them just peeled off but about 3 of them had to be sprayed, scraped,sanded, sanded some more. I've actually spent an embarrassing amount of time on this in the last two days. I think if I would have had to do it in every room I would have given up!
  4. Thank you! I actually ripped out the old electric and replaced with tape wire and brads. I've got about 3/4 of the house wired with working electricity!! I ran out of tape and brads and the hobby store is about 40 minutes away. Someone posted a link above on a wiring tutorial with pictures. It was great help, it's really not that hard. Just tedious work!
  5. I agree gorgeous! It's actually what I imagined myself living in.... :)
  6. That tape wiring link was exactly what I needed!! Thank you!!
  7. This may be a dumb question but do you spray the front or back of the paper?
  8. Welcome mini! 5 posts and you can start sharing pictures of your work!
  9. Thanks all! I decided to pull the old tape wire and start new. The 30 year old wiring mast me nervous. I've gotten one six inch strip down and I'm walking away for a little while. But I have the house pretty much stripped down!
  10. I have removed almost all the old paper and trim. I'm on the fence about the wiring. We had to jiggle the spliced some to get it to come on so maybe I could just install a new one? I have removed the scotch tape but haven't pulled up the tape wire yet...
  11. I've seen some people use craft paper for wallpaper. Any tips? I got some for 1/2 off per sheet at Hobby Lobby today in designs which I love. I'd love to use them but if they're not workable they hardly cost anything. Any advice on what adhesive works best or does it need finished with anything after? Also got the electrical supplies to rip out the old and start from scratch. Say a prayer! Thank you all so much, everyone is so helpful here!
  12. I actually looked it up and it's Grandmas House by Woodline Products.
  13. Gorgeous! I was thinking more along those lines!!
  14. Thank you! I was looking at your Melissa and Doug redo and it was phenomenal. Definitely inspiring. Your work is beautiful.
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