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  1. Lovelypunk


  2. Lovelypunk


    Wow~ this is so intricate!
  3. I think my Orchid wants to be a comfy little home. c: Something I might live in myself. I can't wait to be an expert at dollhouses. It would be so cool to add lighting. My mom tried to on the dollhouse she built, but she ran out of time and couldn't do it. I have an idea for a little TV using an MP4 player.
  4. Lovelypunk


  5. Thanks for commenting on my album Yeah it took her months to build. She made a bunch of furniture for it but I've lost most of it. I'm not sure of a theme but I was thinking I'd like to try a Gothic theme. I'm -mostly- just winging it though. Houses can speak? I'll listen carefully. ;) I was thinking it would be a quaint little house rather than a shop. Thanks for the newer instructions, I didn't have them!
  6. Aw thanks, as a kid I used to wish that I could shrink down and live in the house! Kathi17 I had to re-do the albums, so I didn't see your comment. :/ What was it?
  7. Lovelypunk


  8. Yay! I can post my progress now. O3O
  9. Thank you! Indeed it is! I'm stuck on wallpapering right now, as I don't know the best method for applying it.
  10. Thank you so much everyone! I'll be sure to post The Orchid, and the dollhouse my mom built! This community seems very nice, I'm glad I joined. C:
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Jay (20) and I'm new here. I got started on dollhouses because the year before my mother passed, she built me a very cute one that wasn't from a kit and it took her months! I'm working on restoring the one she built as it is 9 years old. I'm also building my first dollhouse, The Orchid. I've built two furniture sets so far, also by Greenleaf.
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