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  1. I actually had positive results using a mod podge. Like fov/emily I painted the surface rather then grout. Once you get a few coats of mod...the carton bits look just like stones. This is my first time doing it but I'm pleased. Pretty sure I used mod podge in a satin.
  2. Got my Easy Cutter today. Did a few cuts on spare wood. Why did I not get this sooner? What a time and stress saver. Look out trim...here I come. ( This weekend.lol )
  3. Haha!! Me too. I check it daily. Had a few bids in but I did not win. I did win a Greenleaf furniture kit. The doll house items can get pretty high on bids. You have to control yourself. I was telling a friend about that site. Everything is donation..right? Have you seen some of the items they are offering for auction? Who just gives away that expensive stuff? And why are they not my friend? Lol
  4. Working on floors. Felt a bit intimated at first. Once I got going, I was a lot more confident. Plan on staining them tomorrow. Just ordered an easy cutter today too. Have lots of window and baseboards trim to cut soon.
  5. thresadep


    Ugh!I hated this house. Fought for days with the front walls. Don't get me started on the roof.. lol but it was a great learning experience. Good luck with your build.
  6. thresadep

    The Willow Dollhouse

    Starting this today. Dry fit done. Next up is sanding and fixing any bad parts. I think this will be a quick build. The only issue I found is the second floor seems a bit bent. My guess, a result of humidity. Easy fix.
  7. Yep. Liquid nails or e6000 glue. For a wood shingle. I like e6000. For me it seems liquid nail hard to mess with. I wish they made a thinner liquid nails. For a paper/ cardboard shingle, I used wood glue. Try out methods on scrap wood.
  8. Today a customer asked me if I wanted to assemble a wooden doll house for a gentleman who came into her toy store. Duh!! Lol. I was not sure what to charge. So once I seen it is the Willow house http://www.corona-concepts.com/doll-house-kits/willow-doll-house-kit.html. I thought, $60 for basic plain wood and $100 plus supplies for decorating. ( paint,glue,sandpaper,wallpapers,carpet,wood trim ..etc) I was advised later to charge double the price of house paid. The sticker on box showed $85. I'm actually cool with my prices. I asked when they wanted this done. I was told by C
  9. Miniature furniture is not cheap. Even the pieces I seen at a thrift store are like $25 us for a couch. I can't imagine furnishing an entire room. Most places online,the cost per piece is pricey. (Imo) I had been considering wish app for doll house stuff. Yet to do it. I just get what I can then figure out where to use later. At some point in want a cute house with total furnishing and accessories to keep. Wow holly! I'm drooling. What amazing items.
  10. Same for me. I read something like this thread before. Most people for doll house I find creepy looking. Since reading about occupants here, I find myself drawn to cute little mice or little creatures/people. Like the calico critters or something more ...umm..fancier? This is what calls to me. To each their own.
  11. Strange how that is. Think my home is a bit of a brat. I tell it all the time to do as I say. Lol But seriously..if floor comes up ears then use it upstairs. Tile would look great.
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