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  1. Hello, I have not been on in a long time. I do miss it, but just cannot continue for reasons. Is there anywhere I should advertise my partially completed Glenwood for sale, in the Dallas area. Thanks so much
  2. Hi Ciara. Welcome. Beachside bungalow was my first one also. You will love it
  3. Im in a rut with my dollhouse and now everyone is onto beautiful dolls, lol. Love it. Can't wait to see her
  4. Beulah

    Size comparison

    your dolls are just amazing, and your so fast, It would take me a year to do one, not that I even could.
  5. Beulah

    Oak table and chair

    I have a feeling your going to be selling miniature furniture in your future. They are remarkable.
  6. Just back from visiting my elderly dad in Canada. He has good and bad days. Last one was not good. He didn't want me in the nursing home, said it was dangerous. I don't argue, its just worse for him. so I sat in the airport for 5 hours. Tomorrow I have my other bunion removed. I guess Ill have lots of time now to check out everyones progress.
  7. Take care Karin, I also would try hot baths and epson salts for the magnesium
  8. Beulah

    Farmhouse dining table

    Just perfect. I wish I could cut that well
  9. Beulah

    Frills complete

    Looks great and I love the colors also
  10. I don't think it matters who you got it from. He made me spindles for a RGT house
  11. The painting and frame are gorgeous, can't wait to see it in your home. Be careful, we are all going to want you to make frames for our SamUSA originals
  12. Beulah


    wow I haven't been on all week, you have been busy, great job
  13. Drea, looks like The Jasmine is one of Leonards houses. He owns Laser Dollhouse Designs. He is awsome to deal with. Just send him a message, he will get right back to you. Also he has a FB page, he will answer you there also. I have dealt with him.
  14. Looks perfect, love the little frame also
  15. Beulah

    tiger rug

    wow, very nice
  16. Welcome Wendy, I wish I had my old Marx dollhouse. My aunt bought it for me
  17. Welcome Wendy. I would try sanding the lumps and bumps. It can't hurt. Hobby Lobby has trim you could use for the inside. Work around the staircase it, will all come to you in due time
  18. Beulah


    lol I am just shaking my head
  19. The colors are perfect. It's going to be a real stunner . If it was real, it would be a house I would say, Oh look at that one.
  20. Beulah


    Well for goodness sakes, I just liked this post on FB Dollhouse Builders, and its you Nell lol
  21. Beulah

    Front view

    OH I am so excited to see this take shape
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