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    I have found immense enjoyment making dollhouses for my young daughter.

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  1. Great deal. Those furniture pieces are each handmade-they are the house of miniatures kits by Xacto. Totally worth a small fortune and looks like the really did a nice job with the assemblies. Beautiful pieces!
  2. Wow thats so cool! I love how these things go under the radar for awhile like that and then one day you see them pop up! Pretty nifty!
  3. Alright. This is something I would LOVE to work on!!! Gorgeous!! http://m.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-DOLL-HOUSE-RESTORED-VICTORIAN-FOUR-STORY-72-1-2-WIDE-X-54-HIGH-/282000868864?nav=SEARCH
  4. I wish! But no, it was all some hogde podge of who even knows what. Really junky lol. Maybe thats what she was trying to pass it off as!!
  5. I was recently shopping at an antique mall and I mentioned to the proprietor that I was there mostly searching for dollhouses and accessories. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed me a big grocery sack. She seemed so happy that she found a perfect match to what I wanted...she says, "I'll let the bag go for about $100." I opened the bag, and it was all garbage plastic junk. Not even in any particular scale. I think I offended her by dropping it like a hot potato. But seriously, thats a lot of money. What are they basing their prices off of?
  6. Scarlybees

    Sunnyside Cottage

    The Orchid build, and also my very first dollhouse.
  7. Thanks! Very much appreciated. After checking it i still felt uncertain about the integrity so i did just that, added a couple small trim size pieces left over from the scrap and glued them on the backside. Should be much better ^.^
  8. I have been building the orchid now for a couple weeks and am at the part when i am to put on the front roof...however like an idiot I totally broke the darn thing in half at the peak of the gable cut out...I have glued it with aleene's and clamped it overnight. I'm worried its not going to be able to stand up to any force. I'm wondering if it will need reinforcement or if there is another solution someone has come up with. TIA
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