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  1. dsrtdrifter

    Throw rug

    Yes! LOL. And I don't do fringe because vacuuming it and keeping it looking nice and straight would be a pain! ;)
  2. What a great idea!! You can have a lot of fun with that! Printing your head and putting it on a posable doll is a great idea, too.
  3. My first attempt at building a dollhouse. I'll learn as I go.
  4. I'm getting overwhelmed!! I have so many ideas in my head as to what I want to do with my house!! While I'm waiting for inspiration on the stairs I've been stiching an area rug. Not sure if I like it. Started building some furniture from kits I bought. I'm really wishing I could work as fast as I come up with ideas!!. Everyone on here has given me so much inspiration!! I truly hope my final product will be worthy of the inspiration I have been given. I LOVE THIS FORUM!
  5. Such a cute idea and great job on the details! I favorited your page because you give great step-by-step on how you achieved your final result. I'm inspired!
  6. I'm all over the place this weekend. Working on a rug, some furniture, ..... avoiding going grocery shopping. ..
  7. I saw those at our Harbor Freight and wondered about them. I have a Dremel that I bought years ago. I need to buy smaller bits/attachments and didn't know if that brand would fit
  8. Welcome! I would love to see pictures of the house your Mom built for you! ... and your restoration! My mother encouraged me when I was younger to make things for the dollhouses I got for Christmas. Now that I'm 50 I'm finally listening.
  9. dsrtdrifter

    Store counter

    I LOVE the idea of painting the scrapbook paper! It looks great!
  10. Those are nice! What did you use for the caning? Was it crochet cotton? Eventually I'd like to make some wicker pieces for a nursery, but I have a long ways to go on my house yet.
  11. LOL! I just looked. They must have removed it ...... or some unsuspecting customer bought it...... ;)
  12. dsrtdrifter

    Yard Sale Find

    Thank you! I hope I can do a good job with it. It's my first.
  13. dsrtdrifter

    The Wiring

    I had to research it when I bought it, but it's The Pierce.
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