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  1. Hi everyone! i received a Van Buren for Christmas in 1978, but life got in the way of ever putting it together. It lived in its box in my family's basement for many years whie I raised my son, went to college and moved around the state and the country for work. My husband and I finally moved back home in 2001, semi retired and I dug it out one day to find to my dismay, that dampness and time had done some damage to the box and papers inside but the wood was hardly touched. I still didn't get around to working on it, the instructions were a pile of flakes and i had to make a space to work on it in the garage. Then in 2015, my dear husband fell to lung cancer and my life changed again. So here we are in 2019 and I'm finally settled in my own home and soon will have time to open that delicate box again and see what's inside. Wish me luck! If at all possible, I'm determined to put this house together!
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