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  1. I too built the Beachside Bungalow & loved it. That's what got me into dollhouses & minis in the first place. I have several facebook albums with pictures during construction & the finished dollhouse as if the viewer is a drop-in visitor! 8-) https://www.facebook.com/becky.mitchell.501598?__nodl
  2. My Pinterest stuff is almost all related to dollhouses & minis. My stuff is at www.pinterest.com/beckymitchell50.
  3. First, a question: what is meant by "bashing? From the context, I get the feeling it means to start with a kit, then make major structural changes to it. My first build was the Beachside Bungalow, which I received as a gift. It was easy enough for this "mechanically challenged" newbie to build without major help. ("Mechanically challenged" means I'd never build anything, not even a birdhouse!) Hobby Lobby is "the only game in town" for hands-on purchases of craft supplies of all sorts, especially miniatures, except for the occassional non-miniature related items that can be found at Walmart. Joann's has a few things, but that brick&mortar store is hit or miss on miniatures. There's a Michael's in Huntsville, 70 miles away, but they don't carry miniatures any more. The nearest stores dedicated to miniatures or which carry a lot of mini-related items are in Nashville, TN or Burmingham, AL, about 150+ miles away. I have issues about supporting Hobby Lobby, but I'm stuck with them here in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I can buy most of what I need or want via the web, but it is nice to look at or hold something, to get an idea of size/scale/material. Also, online retailers add shipping & handling charges that can be ridiculous for most dollhouse & mini items. My new dollhouse kit, Victoria's Farmhouse, was purchased at Hobby Lobby,. Last Christmas, when I decided on which dollhouse kit I wanted as a gift from my husband, we found the Victorias's Farmhouse kit at $100 less than anywhere on the web, plus the 40% off coupon - so, we paid less than half-pr!ce for it.
  4. Hello! My name is Becky & I live in Muscle Shoals, AL. We moved here when my husband of 30 years retired; this is his home area. I am a retired-on-disability software engineer, who is learning manual skills building my first dollhouse & its furnishings. I am starting to build my second dollhouse, Victoria's Farmhouse from RGT. I completed my first, RGT's Beachside Bunglow, about this time last year. I got it as a Christmas gift in 2013 from my older son, who also lives here - the gift was a complete surprise & a lot of fun to build - including most of the furniture - as well as an amazing learning experience. I'd had no idea how many people are builders, artisans, fans, etc. of dollhouses & miniatures! My new dollhouse kit was a Christmas from my husband. Looking at the number of pieces & parts, I suspect this is going to take much longer to build the kit, and furnishings! And, I suspect, I'm going to need a lot more help this time! Building my fist dollhouse, I found a lot of help on the web. How I missed this forum, I do not know. But, since I have found y'all, I will be asking questions & looking for ideas here as well as other resources for building my new dollhouse.
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