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  1. I am just starting the Garfield house. Can the window upgrade package still be purchased anywhere?
  2. It is glued between two pieces of the window frame. I might just have to leave the ones that are already in. I can't afford all new window/frames.
  3. I'm fixing up my old dollhouse from when I was a kid. I am NOT an expert at dollhouses ;) My problem is many of the windows are yellow now. About half of the windows are in the house and half have not been put in yet. Is there anything I can do other than taking out the windows and redoing it all? What material do you suggest using that won't yellow? I would put glass in them but don't want to risk it breaking if a kid is using the house.. and I don't see how it would work anyways since it is way thicker. Many of these windows slide open. Thanks for any help.
  4. I'm going to start to try to fix up my old dollhouse to give to my sister-in-law and future niece. We don't have any local stores here for purchasing supplies and such. I was hoping to get some recommendations for some sites to order through that aren't too expensive but yet have good quality supplies. I'm mainly just doing exterior work and may attempt to wallpaper. (I'm pretty new to this so will see how it goes) Thanks in advance! Angela
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