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  1. Minaeu

    Late Empire Pier Table

    So lovely! Maybe mirror was for checking one's shoes? It looks like a shoe store mirror and about the same angle too.
  2. Minaeu


    March 25 Craig's List House Pictorial progress.
  3. Well after 4 days I am still waiting on an answer to my inquiry about the above house with base. And then I find this one, which I am in love with, (it is the second I have found recently first one was 300 ). So please tell me what you all think of this one. Thanks in advance. It will require 4 hour round trip but I am in love! Question is, should I stay in love and buy it? He said the electric was intermittent. ?? I do not have electric in any house I have so a bit excited but do not know what it would entail to fix it. http://hartford.craigslist.org/tag/5709104675
  4. I am cruising through Craig's List and found this. I am wondering if anyone has an idea as to what the manufacturer is? Also do you think it is worth it to get it? ;) http://providence.craigslist.org/tag/5771775848.html
  5. I just saw a Lowe's commercial, paint samples are $.99 ! Any color, any brand, regular $3.48 each. So today I am making a list of colors I want. Ad says 4 per customer but since my second adopted rehab is bare wood throughout I may have hubby and daughter go with me to get all the colors I want .
  6. Minaeu


    It is stunning! How did you ever make those blinds? I would love to know.
  7. Hi all! I am just checking in, have not posted in a while. Today I am struggling with arranging my crafting room into a work space for my houses. I have done a number of crafts through the years and it shows. The room at this time looks like a crafting store. I did donate about 100 stamps, it's a start right? This past weekend at Savers, (a donation store), I picked up a farmhouse dining table for 12 dollars. I think it is a bit large for the room but if I have DH cut it in half and somehow attach it to walls it will be perfect ! Now to make another cup of coffee and venture in th
  8. Minaeu


    I ordered mine from Wish, which has quite a few miniatures. Price was $6.00 with 2 bucks shipping. From overseas so will take a couple weeks to get here, makes me look forward to it even more. Also bought battery operated led lights for pennies on the dollar.
  9. Minaeu


    I think this is same guitar I just bought. Can not wait for it to arrive! Looks great. Love the one on the wall too. Room comes together nicely.
  10. I think it was an excellent buy all around, $50 bucks for the whole caboodle!
  11. Minaeu

    Pele approved

    No. The roof shingles are a mess and will be taken off, although he does like scratching on them lol.
  12. Minaeu

    Rehab Project #2

    Bought this gem at a garage sale on June 19.
  13. Ever since you posted a picture of the chair I have been green with envy. I love that material so much I have gone shopping looking for it, but have been unable to find anything like it. Now I have an album to drool over anytime I want to. Thanks for posting it. The set is gorgeous!!! (take it from an old hippie)
  14. Minaeu


    Thank you, they were installed in the house when I bought it but were not sanded or finished. The attic sections were easy to lift up with help of a putty knife. They seem to be on a piece of thin paper, maybe veneer? I am so new to this but I love them and would enjoy using this product again, if I find out what it is
  15. Minaeu


    I wanted the purple part to be a teens bedroom and the blue room an office or other small recreation room. I can always lighten the purple area with some white? Is it too dark? Maybe not muted enough? Any suggestions are appreciated. :)
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