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    Supreme Court (profession) Religion and History(a study not a practice) Attempting Doll House construction-Family (wife died 2018) Not necessarily in this order.

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Practice Probate and Tax law for over 50 years. enjoy contacts made as a result of building--my favorite is Ann of New York who has built 495 doll houses to date and she is not an old woman, another is owner of Miniatures.com.  I am old but active maintain about two acres with 11 small flower gardens and in those about a 100 hostas.  I enjoy photography and have about 2000 books (small library), 8000 songs on my Ipod no not 800.  Just enjoy life although miss my wife of 58 years.  Have 3 children with 3 spouses, 7 grandchildren from 8 to 36.  Loved travel been in England six times, USSR once, Italy, Switzerland, Wales, and Germany. Children on both coasts.  

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