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  1. Justmilt


    Made from scratch with no patterns or pictures to copy.
  2. Justmilt


    The Pierce. Not great but did use dowels. If this works and is of interest I have a lot more.
  3. Mike tell your wife I have my lawn tractor on idle. Got to get back to mowing. Have about two acres.
  4. Thank you. Yours is the only comment and for me this speaks volumes.
  5. One more shot over the bow! Yes you win the prize--It is either one panel is not correct or one is correct and two are not. Will I tear it out, no way. I have had the house forever, and it is Milt's house. It will never go anywhere until I can no longer use the house. The house has been viewed by countless people and no one notices it. You have a trained eye and was looking for a problem. Not unlike your change in the wall no one will see it unless you point it out or challenge someone to find a problem. Milt
  6. I add this: When you build and you find a mistake, you stare at it, you analyse it, you examine and wonder. When someone looks at what you build they glance at it and never even see what you agonized over. I cannot for some reason visualize the wall you are moving. I do know this when we remodeled an area where we had our law office and removed a wall the broke up the waiting room. It happened to be a support wall so the contractors put in a beam next to the ceiling. The beam was paneled and was never noticeable. I do hope this may help. You could put some of your French work
  7. This may or may not be an answer but is an observation. What ever you do with the ceiling would be just fine in an actual house. Why do I say this--eyes do not travel up.
  8. very creative. colors are perfect.
  9. Now this is just the thing that makes me wonder why I build. How creative, you have done a beautiful job. I can copy but am not this creative. As Sable has said, I copy again, "love the mountain ledge." In fact I love the model.
  10. Justmilt


    Thanks for looking.
  11. Justmilt


    Mike I needed that and thank you. I guess one of the things I do not know is why I joined Greenleaf. I thought I would like seeing other peoples work and find I really am only thinking about Milt. That bothers me more than the fact others are more creative. Anyway I know I must have some talent because the Pierce was in a fund raiser for Children's Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska and I got notice that it helped bring in $4000. No I did not add a zero. I realize this is a charity and the ladies, Wine, Women and Shoes, were going to give anyway. But the leader fo
  12. rehab Victorian Farmhouse. If this is the DuraCraft, then it is one I built that was raffled. It is a fun house I would like to see your finished product Putting glue on--great. Love it when put the sucker to bed for the day and come back to it and that thing that looked so horizontal yesterday looks so vertical today. The elves do come in the night and tip things just a "little" Scratch built Log Cabin(I read the small print) I am impressed.
  13. I am a kit builder. Scratch is scary because if one is a saw blade off then that is 1/8 or 1/16 and at 1:12 that would be a gap. Greenleaf--3 Glencofts-Pierce, Lillie, Garfield, Arthur and couple more. I have built Queen Anne II, the front opening high end Victorian, Victorian Dream (might not be quite right but it is a big house 3/8 and for some reason plans were handwritten) I have built a couple half inch scale. Four were raffled and local organization got a sum of about $4,500. and one was given to a fund raiser(The Pierce) and I was informed it help raise $4,000. yes I know pride
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