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  1. Thanks Kathi17. I visited your albums & look forward to seeing more.
  2. HI all & thanks for all your posts. I'm new here & will do my best to keep you all posted. I was lucky to purchase this kit at a great price from a local miniature store that unfortunately was closing her shop over 11 years ago. Shortly after my husband got sick & passed & life just took on a lot of challenges that kept me from being able to work on the house . I just could never get rid of it & now I have the space & decided I wanted to dig out the old boxes & give it a try. I couldn't remember what the house even looked like & was just so lucky when I took
  3. I have a very old Walmer Nob Hill dollhouse & was so lucky to get in contact with the original mfg of this house because there were no instructions in my boxes. It's been boxed up for years & I'm now working on it. If anyone has any tips on this house I would love to hear them. Wish me luck.
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