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  1. This house is based off of a home named “Hansel”, in California, built by Hugh Comstock. The actual house is amazing. And thank you.
  2. lolli28147

    The Comstock

    Scratch built house based off of Hugh Comstock’s, “Hansel”, in Carmel-By-The-Sea, CAlifornia.
  3. I fell in love with the original house as soon as I saw a picture of it!!! The chimney captivated me! I loved how it had lots of curves. Thank all of you for your kind words. more pics to come soon. :)
  4. It will have a similar look, but not the same. I do plan on trying to keep the colors, flooring, etc. similar. It was hard for me to get a feel of the layout of the house. I did eventually find a blueprint.....but, all of my pieces were already cut. Same for the bump out. It has 2 windows.....but mine only has one.....it’s bothering me. Lol I just can’t quite decide if it bothers me enough to fix it! Lol so, I can’t quite call it a replica, only a Hansel-Inspired build.
  5. Thank you. And I sure will! will have some more pics to upload in a few days. :)
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    More frequently than not, I find myself wishing I could shrink down and live in these little houses!!!
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    hahahahahahaha, thank you! I suppose she's as "good" as she wants to be.... lol
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    Thank you. It was a lot of fun. She still needs a little more (there are plans for Spell books, etc.), but it's now in a place where I felt comfortable displaying it. I used a lot of real life, dried plants, and it felt like they really were some of the ingredients the witch needed to make potions. There will be no actual witch in it. I love miniatures and dollhouses....but haven't ever really found any dolls (or witches) that I've loved enough to make a part of the scene. I like to pretend that my witch has just stepped outside to gather some more "witchy" things.
  9. Your couch is amazing!!!! I love it!
  10. Thank you. I love Hugh Comstock's houses! They're amazing!!! Mine isn't quite the same as the original. I tried to keep it very similar, at least from the front view, but the side isn't the same (window placement, etc.) I'd like to make some of the other houses, but we shall see. I plan to sell this one when it's finished.
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