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  1. Everything looks fantastic. I love it and want it for my girls
  2. MLI Designs

    barn floor

    I love the floor too. So rich in color and grain. What stain is that?
  3. I adore everything you create. You definitely are on of my first and fav people who inspire me. Thank you for that
  4. It's faux cowhide recycled from a makeup purse
  5. MLI Designs


    This was a Camper from the Loriman doll line exclusive to target. I just did a major Reno on it and added my touches
  6. MLI Designs


    From the album: Glamping in Style

    © AlliesHouse

  7. MLI Designs

    Glamping in Style

    My girls are getting ready for their glamping trip this fall.
  8. MLI Designs


    From the album: Glamping in Style

    © AlliesHouse-Mish Volonino

  9. MLI Designs


    From the album: Glamping in Style

    © AlliesHouse

  10. MLI Designs


    From the album: Glamping in Style

    © AlliesHouse

  11. From the album: Glamping in Style

    © AlliesHouse

  12. @griffonfeathers sorry for the delay in responding. I don't come here very often. I'm on Instagramm daily. anywayz, the dolls I use in my scenes are a combination of custom ball jointed dolls and Azone Picco Neemo bodies from Japan. They are all great because of their articulation. It's just difficult to find clothing for them. You either have to improvise or teach yourself how to sew really small clothing.
  13. His is not 1:6 scale, this is 1:12
  14. MLI Designs


    @Debora59 yes, the pool is filled with real water. I also have the pool lighted for night shots. this was a cat pan (new of course) and I searched high and low for similar colored plastic shapes to make the steps. I purchased the border from a RL pool border company.
  15. Thank you so very much girls. I truly love this project. I definitely think next summer I'm going to do another. This was a lot of fun
  16. Here is my summer project. I really enjoy working on this. I'm almost considering doing another yard/pool. cant wait to fill the pool with water.
  17. From the album: Miniature Patio and Inground Pool

    I know some of you are not find of dolls in the scenes but my miniature scenes are all about and for my dolls

    © Allieshouse

  18. MLI Designs


    From the album: Miniature Patio and Inground Pool

    © Allieshouse

  19. Very nice. Is that egg carton stones?
  20. I do that all the time when a miniaturist inspires me. I would think more of us do that but don't talk about it
  21. He's actually a 1:12 action figure from this Japanese company Vortex Toys. They make very detailed figures. The clothes are unbelievable. More expensive than average dolls but not nearly as much xp naive as a custom bjd. I actually like him better than the custom male bjd I purchased recently.
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