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  1. Thanks to everyone SO MUCH for all this information about dollhouse maker Ron Clanton. I am in the process of also buying a house of his, The Elliot Bay House, started googling to find out more info about him, and much to my delight was diverted onto my beloved Greenleaf Community site! Congrats so much Suzi on your purchase it is truly a work of art, and I will be posting pics of my own masterpiece as well!
  2. I have bought from fjdebbie before on ebay, and am very sad to hear that Bespaq is going out of business, thankfully I have bought quite a bit. Its sad when the heirs just are not interested in continuing something loved and cherished anymore. I can imagine what a demand they will have now, it will be like Black Friday every time a Bespaq item comes for bidding on ebay, but they are also many private sellers that sell Bespaq too. I am feeling a little wistful now....
  3. Oh Gina...I just don't know where to start on my dolhouse obsession, trying not only to explain it but to track every milestone and memory! It all started about ten years ago when i just wanted to build (or buy) a sweet little Beacon Hill and furnish it. Thats all, nine rooms, and it would be the pride and joy, the crowing glory of my foyer of the house we were building. Then I got pregnant and put it off until my daughter (and child number 3) was old enough to understand and not get in every little piece. I said I would allot 100 to 150 bucks to furnigsh every room, which in retrospect seems utterly laughable now) About four years ago I started collecting, I bought a Beacon Hill dollhouse kit (Which is still comfortably resting on the floor of my basement because I found a gorgeous custom made one on ebay, pictured below!) Thus my ebay obsession started, and started big!!! I became familiar with names such as Sonia Messer (Two gorgeous laced cribs from her, omg to die for), Bespaq, Marcia Backstrom, Heidi Ott, Ruetter...I became adept on bidding, which I never had done before my dollhouse obsession. Because of the time difference I would wake up at the most odd hours of the night to bid (Am I the only one that knows the secret of last 30 second bidding? Why in the world do people bid on the first day??!!) I had accumulated a massive amount of minis in two years' time, and the catch was they were sent to my parents house in Pennsylavia, who in turn would either bring them to me when they would visit or when I would---twice they just made two big 'ol boxes and would ship them to me, it was like my birthday, chirstmas, and scholastic book club month time (remember those?) all rolled into one fabulous mini crate! My mother scolded me to stop, and semi- joked that the neighbors thought she was having an affairwith the UPS guy. I filled my purshase list with estate finds, museum quality furnishings, bought a custom made french Boudior warbrobe filled with purses and corsets from Paris, an assembled Garfield, a furnished New York brick townhouse, an assembled Brimbles Merchantile, street peddlers from the now defunct Smallsea Dollhouse museum in Carmel Ca.... and now put a down payment on a Glen Cove and locking in a assembled Queen Anne...you can say I am a bit obsessed! The irony is that besides the Beacon Hill, I have not seen any of my other houses yet, they are either waiting for me at my parents house, or waiting to be picked up!!! (By the way for anyone that doesnt live in the US but visiting and wants to take a dollhouse back with them you CAN board it as luggage!) I can't explain it into words my love for miniatures. My dear sweet father passed away four months ago, was sich ever since the obsession started and you could say it was my escape, my way of creating these perfect little worlds. The composer Chopin once said "I write beautiful music to cover the ugliness of the world." That quote makes such sense to all the Dollhousers out there, doesn't it? And speaking of crazy, when the local priest came for his annual blessing of our house--yes they still do that!- I asked him to bless my dollhouse too. That's when The Hubby thought I was completely off my rocker. I could go on and on (and on) but there are too many things to mention! I am sorry that your childhood dollhouse was destroyed and don't worry about the snide comments! I get three kinds of people. The ones that think I am crazy (mother, hubby, oldest son) the ones that look at it and exclaim "Oh how sweet" but really arent into it and consider it just a little cute hobby, and THEN I have the occasional friend or aquaintance that will absolutely pore over every detail and take countless pictures, spending hours ooohhing and aahing. Neddless to say those are my kinds of people! I should start charging admission..... PS--I am still ebay obsessed!!!
  4. Yes, you're right, HUGE help! Thanks so much!!!
  5. You are right, thank you so much! I am glad to be here, believe me!!! Lively bunch on here aren't they? (and BTW "Dollhousers", as I like to call them are the most nicest helopul people on the non 1:12 scale planet!)
  6. Hi Gina! We seem to have plenty of things in common, because I hate electrical wiring too and opted for battery operated lighting on my Beacon Hill even if its a huge pain! I have to learn because I love the idea of just lighting up my dollhouses in an instant! I DID post a pic finally so I am happy for that, seems that some of my pics are less than the required mb's (or whatever the heck they're called!) My Glen Cove doesn't come with the conservatory either, but they WERE selling two of them on ebay just a few weeks ago at reasonable prices but they were snagged up within days, so I have to be on the lookout, and will inform you too, since I'm the self proclaimed ebay queen and have amassed quite the miniature collection from old estate finds and ebay deals. I have been known to wake up at 4 am (I live in Greece during the winter where there is a seven hour time difference beteen the Eastern US) to bid and take it personally when someone dares outbid me, lol. I am very familiar with Bonnie Broel, not only for her "affordable" dollhouses (Insert smirk and chuckle) she's trying to sell, but I also googled and read every article I could find on her, she seems like my sort of gal! I could never sell those beauties though! She was the first to inspire me to seek out a lawbre and I had my sights on the Shadowcliff first but then came across (On this site in fact) the Glen Cove that was posted to sell for 35,000. I loved what she did with the interior so I went on a search for one, and luckily found the exact color that I wanted to. It's nfinished inside but all the better for me to decorate the way I want! I hope you can post pictures of your lawbre very soon, would LOVE to see pictures. Have you ever heard of the Majestic Mansion line, those dollhouses are amazing too. Does your husband think you are nuts, like mine does? I have joked that if Intervention ever did a dollhouse Addict segment, they would choose me to be their first feature! Have a great weekend!! --Genevieve
  7. Okay everyone, I wanted to repond to everyone in a indivudial reply like they have on facebook, but there seems to be no such option. Still learning this site..please have patience with me!!
  8. I finally took the plunge! After acquiring My Beacon and then my Garfield I came across a Lawbre Glen Cove that a lady was selling for 35,000, got greatly inspired, and went on a mad search to find one, at a lesser price of course! I figured with all the miniatures I have amassed I can create a masterpeice. It was not easy finding it, you have to scour ebay, marketplace, craiglist and cross your fingers or either order it striaght from the Lawbre company itself. I found mine 2 hours away in New Jersey. Won't be picking it up until Christmas, but am super duper excited!!!
  9. I would love to see pictures of your Lawbre, but I am relatively new to this website/discussion page and I am still figuring out how it works, I cant even upload a pic because it tells me its too "large to do so....I just made a down payment on a Lawbre Glen Cove, and cannot wait to see it in person. I know this is a feed from last year, but what model is your Lawbre?"
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