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  1. It’s interesting how many dollhouses/minis I have seen that are the same models and condition and the wide range of prices!!!! I have seen a Rosedawn Plantation for 10,000 and then the same model, fully furnished for 1,300. I bought four sets of dolls for 30 all together and then found another seller that just was selling them “each” for 120. Sometimes when I see outrageous prices I think maybe they are just aiming high and will lower it as soon as the hagglers start. The biggest letdown I have ever experienced was when at an auction a Lawbre Chesterfield sold for 250 when its priced at o
  2. So she basically tried to sell you the Lawbre Shadowcliff dollhouse (which I have) and then said it was just a picture, that’s appalling, I am more of an ebay person and know that ebay has very strict rules on frauds and jump right in when someone tries to cheats you out of your money. I really do hope you get your money back and am so sorry. How much did you pay her, if its ok to ask????
  3. I would LOVE to buy it and take it off your hands if we lived closer, I am in Pennsylvania. How much are you thinking of selling it for and is to there I link to another site where I could see it please? .
  4. Suzi!!! So so happy you wrote back, I was worried you’d never see my message...well the house arrived yesterday, and I take it you have seen it personally? Words cannot describe this house, its not only huge but absolutely breathtaking! I can’t stop looking at it. It must have taken years to build, I have never seen a dollhouse so lifelike and intricate before. Its a very interesting story how I “met’ Liz. I reside in Greece during the winter months and one night, as I was enduring a red-eye all nighter while caring for my terminally ill grandmother in the hospital, I stumble upon Liz and
  5. Thanks so much ladies!! I am absolutely thrilled with it, and it is larger than I thought! The nuns are not mine, these are stock photos before I bought the dollhouse. Never have a seen a more elaborate dollhouse, it is, and I kid you not, a mini version of a real house, and I will post more pics soon. For anyone else interested, here is another article about these houses!https://www.deseret.com/1988/12/11/18787633/have-yourself-a-little-merry-christmas
  6. Okay Everyone, please share. What is a dollhouse(es) that you absolutely fell in love with, had to have, but for some reason or the other (lose a bid, seller gave it to someone else, or simply it was too expensive or too far) never acquired it? One of mine was an absolutely gorgeous yellow Garfield aptly named “The Yellow Rose Inn” that was fully and very beautifully furnished for a very reasonable 500. However I was out of the country and begged the seller to keep it for me for a few weeks until I got back, even offering her more money. Sadly she needed to clear the room of it pronto and s
  7. I have been incredibly lucky and blessed that I have acquired quite a collection... a custom built Beacon Hill, a Garfield, a Willowcrest, a Lily, Brimbles’ Mechantile, The Lawbre Glen Cove Villa (my favorite, along with my Beacon Hill) The Lawbre Shadowcliff, The Lawbre French Country House, plus an original Elliot Bay house by Ron Clanton. Plus, I have three Jubilee English shoppes.I must admit though, the only house I really really want to put the finishing touch to my collection is...drumroll please...The Grosvenor!!! But its incredibly hard to find here in the United States. Island-Sha
  8. The interior is “so” realistic. hardware floors, lighting, and a built in laundry room. The seller was a complete doll, added extras such as chandeliers and curtains as well!
  9. Wow, finally got the hang of this! And yes, the tree and zoo animals were included in the sale too :-)
  10. Averyfinewoman, I am terribly sorry I have not responded back, but I cannot, for the life of me, paste and post my Elliot Bay House by Ron Clanton on this page, despite my efforts! (I cant “respond” under your comment either, lots to still learn on this site!) I think we are talking about the same gal in Utah, because it was she who sold me the dollhouse, and as a matter of fact it is finally being shipped out, I am supposed to get it this week!!! I was out of the country and she very graciously kept it for me all these Covid months while I finally made it back. I am trying to post it now f
  11. Thanks to everyone SO MUCH for all this information about dollhouse maker Ron Clanton. I am in the process of also buying a house of his, The Elliot Bay House, started googling to find out more info about him, and much to my delight was diverted onto my beloved Greenleaf Community site! Congrats so much Suzi on your purchase it is truly a work of art, and I will be posting pics of my own masterpiece as well!
  12. I have bought from fjdebbie before on ebay, and am very sad to hear that Bespaq is going out of business, thankfully I have bought quite a bit. Its sad when the heirs just are not interested in continuing something loved and cherished anymore. I can imagine what a demand they will have now, it will be like Black Friday every time a Bespaq item comes for bidding on ebay, but they are also many private sellers that sell Bespaq too. I am feeling a little wistful now....
  13. Oh Gina...I just don't know where to start on my dolhouse obsession, trying not only to explain it but to track every milestone and memory! It all started about ten years ago when i just wanted to build (or buy) a sweet little Beacon Hill and furnish it. Thats all, nine rooms, and it would be the pride and joy, the crowing glory of my foyer of the house we were building. Then I got pregnant and put it off until my daughter (and child number 3) was old enough to understand and not get in every little piece. I said I would allot 100 to 150 bucks to furnigsh every room, which in retrospect se
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