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  1. I think this is the same one I just picked up!!! I had no idea if it was worth $20 or not, but I jumped on it.
  2. Hi Liz! I'm rehabing an alexandria! I joined a few months ago. You found a great little corner of the web.
  3. I made out like a bandit! There was two huge stacks of wall paper. The saw works like a champ & came with extra blades! I know nothing about dollhouse wall paper, but with my rate of experimentation I knew I was going to need a bunch (just not this much). Some of them are very pretty. The "kits" were exactly what you all said they were, refinishing kits. I am going to use the siding panels around the stone work That's one less thing to get. Thanks for the help everyone, I'm really glad I got everything.
  4. Trinh


    I can't wait to see this when it's done!!!
  5. IDK if it's them. I hope not! The pick up place is near grand rapids... about 45 mins or so to get there from me. I'll PM you with pictures of the wallpaper when I get them and see?
  6. Trinh


    That chicken wall paper is too CUTE!!!!!
  7. I'm pretty excited! I'm not familiar with the saw brand, so I'm hoping it will cut what I need & not be wonky. I looked that up and it looks like they are around 150$ new? I was hoping I didn't over bid. I see so much on eBay, but I'm afraid of bidding because I never know what everything is worth. The hubs said he could try to build me a house to use up the finishing kits if I couldn't find a use for them, so that in itself is a bonus.
  8. I bid on the auction because there was 100+ wall papers! I got the two kits, the wall paper and a microlux (sp?) table saw all for $100. There's no shipping either, but I do have to drive an hour to get it all. I really wanted it for the wall paper/saw, but the kits seemed interesting. I'm gonna bet they are some sort of finishing kits because they don't look too big. That just means I have scrap building supplies I suppose! Thanks for the help!
  9. So, I won an online auction for wallpaper AND two kits came with the bid as a "bonus". Since I am so new to houses/kits/miniatures, can anyone tell me what I bought? I have one photo and no other info. I won't get them until this weekend, but I'm really curious.
  10. I met Ferd and his wife!!!! I was blown away by their work and you can definitely tell why it's costs what it does! They even have layaway! I can't remember the table/name, but there was a lady not far from the Sobel table who made orchids that were to die for and there is no way I could afford those either
  11. I don't know? For me there was sticker shock, but that is because I am new to miniatures. Some things I know I couldn't make on my own & there is pure artwork, experience or skilled craftsmanship involved. There were some things that didn't seem worth the asking price. It really depends on what you want. I spoke to a few people and they spend money on specific things only & they make other items. One table told me they got into their craft because they couldn't afford to buy all the items they specifically liked, so they learned to make them. I kept looking at everything & wondered how they made things. I specifically splurged on a vase, a bronze figure & a mechanical toy that totaled to around $150.
  12. It changes/shifts to a shimmery color in the light!!! It's dyed, turned plywood. The gentleman I bought it from had so many beautiful pieces, too. It's the only time in my life I wished I could win the lotto because there was some wonderful craftsmanship everywhere I looked.
  13. I feel like an extremely greedy kid in a candy store... The shows are fantastic! Here's my haul. I am all over the place being, so new, but let me tell you I AM HOOKED!
  14. I was like a deer in headlights! He was quite literally like the third table I made it to & I was already super overwhelmed lol Everything so far has been worth the trip.
  15. I'm not sure if this is the right thread (hi-jacking I know), but check out the lenticular photos!
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