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  1. I've been hanging out on Instagram getting ideas, attempting to build modern furniture... haven't got a whole lot complete on the Orchid... I got my first room in my Lundby furnished... the bathroom. I also found a built Fairfield at the flea market today for $5.00 I'm excited about.
  2. le.doll.house


    Did you make the sink?
  3. le.doll.house


    Did you use some smaller 1:12 scale or stuck to the 1:18? I am picking one up on Saturday hopefully... now I'm having doubts but I LOVE the look of this house.
  4. I am so excited. I found a vintage Lundby for $20... I pick it up Saturday ☺
  5. Thank you. I'm not sure... I hadnt thought about it. That's a good idea.
  6. Thank you. I thought at one point I had totally ruined it. I want to give my Orchid a more modern feel...
  7. I've been trying to fix this... I think it looks way better... I just have to even out the legs when they completely dry...
  8. So the opposite of heat works too... interesting. I might try both ways.
  9. Hhmm as a rookie maybe I wanna just skip over using xylene for now... I'm not the very best at being careful... lol Thanks for the info Jeremy...
  10. My first I think it's considered a bash... I am pretty happy with it... but I dropped it and got paint on it so Im going to stain it blue... and even out the legs. I wanted to give it a more modren feel.
  11. Thank you... I am going to have to remembet this for next time. I tried the hair dryer method but Im not sure it worked. But I hacked at it in little bits and ended just removing the whole thing.
  12. Michael's has dollar furniture?! What do you cut the wood with? I tried it with a kitchen knife without removing the piece... huh hhmmm Imma try sanding it, not to successful. I was trying to trim off the edge, make it just straight...
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