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  1. I only have experience of one of each so not a great sample size but here are my thoughts. The rehab was the first house I got and I was lucky that the shell is extremely well made and is very solid. It is challenging in places though and I find myself wishing parts weren't already glued on. It wasn't really until I got the kit (a sugarplum so one of the simple ones) that I really realised how much easier decorating a kit was. It's so nice to be able to plan properly! However, I do think overall at the moment I am getting more satisfaction and enjoying the rehab more. Feels more unique as it's a house I haven't seen anywhere else.
  2. No problems, I have a bit of a William Morris obsession. If you ever find yourself London you need to checkout the WM gallery http://www.wmgallery.org.uk/ seeing some of the original designs is spectacular.
  3. Ah.....see you already knew this one. Oops was looking for wrong one!
  4. I think its the Fleurs de Morris Belgian Tapestry whixh is inspired by Tree of Life images by William Morris.
  5. I've sent the link to my partner as a Christmas present idea for me ;)
  6. A wool 22" dollhouse....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HAND-CRAFTED-NEEDLE-CRAFT-Wool-22-DOLLS-HOUSE-Furniture-Figures-Toy-Display-/121963606524?hash=item1c6598f1fc:g:YXMAAOSwgApXBjYt I have never seen anything like it.
  7. Interesting, I have a blue door on my real house and have chosen a green door for my mini house. What does Green represent?
  8. I'm trying to work out the best way to do curtains. It doesn't help that I don't have a picture in my head of what I want them to look like when they're done.
  9. I'm in love with the birds :)
  10. I love this one too as it reminds me of where I grew up....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Amazing-Award-Winning-1-24th-Scale-English-Tidal-Mill-Doll-House-and-furniture-/201684493430?hash=item2ef5552476:g:BOsAAOSwbqpT3PF0
  11. For anyone who has a spare $150k http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Doll-House-House-of-Broel-By-Artist-Bonnie-Broel-House-of-all-Seasons-/172203229600?hash=item28181cc1a0:m:mZCxdeuQKtwGEhtE3sgJrDg
  12. What an amazing transformation. I love the colours you have chosen, it reminds me of some of the houses in Smithfield, VA.
  13. That's a fabulous site. I'm in love with this: https://www.petitepropertiesltd.com/1/48th-pumpkin-cottage-the-enchanted-range.html
  14. The best way to eat Swede (Rutabaga) is in 'neeps and tatties' http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1677/neeps-and-tatties delicious! I've never heard of rice stuffing, going to have to try that one.
  15. Due to the aftermath of Brexit, Pound Sterling is phenomenally low at the moment so you might actually pick up some bargains if you factor in the exchange rate.
  16. Have you looked at the egg carton bricks? There are loads of tutorials online and it's easy, cheap and very effective once painted.
  17. I want some of these for real in my garden!
  18. It's very similar to one I picked up on ebay last year for £3 (about $4 at the moment). Although the one I have is a much simpler and slightly smalller version. This is the condition I got mine in:
  19. Wow! When I was on here last you were just starting with this, you have achieved loads and it looks amazing!!!
  20. I'm so glad you're back on here and back building. You left me fighting the English corner all alone...... ;)
  21. I live over the water from Liverpool, we're surrounded by Beatles stuff! In fact when I was at University I lived on the actual Penny Lane (it's nothing like the song!).
  22. My current favourite is a chalk white furniture paint from the general DIY store not a craft shop. It's far cheaper, covers better and I like the slightly chalky finish.
  23. claireliontamer


    I love these, Daffodils are my favourite flowers :)
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