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  1. Aside from the fact that your BHis gorgeous.....your work area is just as awesome (mine is a hot mess). I am loving the way your paints are arranged- (that sounds a little stalker-ish I know) but I am always picking them up and turning them over to see the color. Never again.
  2. LOVING how this steampunk diver from Stewart Dollhouse Creations turned out. After agonizing on how to paint her, I finally chose metallic copper then glazed black, added gear base as a finishing touch. It turned out better then I had hoped :).
  3. Thank you - this was a textured scrapbook paper, I painted the gold "buttons" to create the tufted look.
  4. Is anyone going to, or have you been to Bishops Fall show? (I've only been to the spring International.) I know it is smaller but still excited . Now that my house is coming along and I have more of a vision of where it is going I am ready to fill it!
  5. Post pics, maybe people will offer some solutions.
  6. And we have light! I wanted something unique/industrial, I am pleased with the result :). Glass dome with a copper coil inside, lit by 3 gor bulbs.
  7. The details are amazing! Thank you for sharing the link.
  8. What a great idea! I would love to have a wall like that in my home (the life sized one-lol).
  9. I love your blog Casey! So fun to read and filled with so much information. Thank you :)
  10. Found this Octopus charm in the jewelry section, added candle arms (& candles) and a few bit of mirror.
  11. I considered building from scratch, completely chickened out. I am kit bashing like a crazy person :).
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