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  1. yes, when i saw this, i immediately fell in love
  2. i was really inspired by these colors, so i might do one in this, and the other in fairy house style
  3. well, i've been doing a mental dry fitting and my imagination is already going everywhere! LOL! I probably won't be able to wait long time, but i have several costumes to make, and a crown, all for march, so i know how to keep busy :)
  4. thank you KathieB, i looked for it in English, but didn't find it immediately
  5. Hi, Don't know if you ever heard of the dollhouse roomboxes of the German producer Modella from the 70s? I didn't know the brand before yesterday. In the 80s i received from my half-sister, a hairsalon for little dolls, a roombox. It was already in used condition, and i played with it so much, it broke to pieces and finally it was thrown away. This memory always gives me a heartache Yesterday, i tried to remember and went on a search on google and behold: i found it! Well, i found it in pictures, i don't seem to find it in real life to buy....It's called Friseurladen Modell
  6. yeah!! my houses arrived yesterday! i didn't open the plastic just yet, i have a lot of other projects running, but i didn't realise 1:24 is so small....but still, i'll make something great out of it, i'm sure....how thrilling, my very first diy dollhouses
  7. They are not that big, maybe one meter in length together, so they wont touch the ground. I will have to be careful for other guests, to not hurt them or get trapped on them, LOL :) You attach them at a kind of u-shape iron, that you can shove in your corset at the back....or you make straps on them to put your arms through.
  8. i have this nice pop-up Victorian dollhouse book....but i never put it out, it's so big....maybe i should see what i can do with it.... http://veiling.catawiki.be/kavels/1932863-uitklapbaar-victoriaans-poppenhuis-en-cindy-mouse-pop-up-boek
  9. wow, so many rooms! looks gorgeous! i'm a curious how it will turn out.
  10. i love ships....we used to have a model at home, but now there's not much left of it, i think my mother was planning to throw it away or give it to the trift shop.
  11. What a dreamhouse! She is a very lucky girl to receive such a gift! I wished when i was little, someone would give something like that to me....
  12. Hmmm, now i'm starting to doubt, after all your guys advice.....what to do? I know it would be very expensive in the end, but it is a very cute house....I might consider just buying the parts with the furniture? Doubt, doubt doubt
  13. They are almost finished: i crafted for hours and hours yesterday I just need to find a way to attach them all together and also be plyable, so i can carry them in my handluggage on the train, together with my ball gown and hoop skirt LOL Second picture is a close up, so you can see the material: its craftwire, with red cellophane, with Angelina Magical Fibers and than laminated (with my hot iron)
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