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  1. This has been so informative for me! Thank you! I sat myself down and started sketching my ideas for my Christmas room box. Very quickly I have realized that creating miniatures is a long term project. I am so surprised how now that I’m in this mind set I see something in a store or online and i immediately start thinking I could make that it would go great in my dollhouse (which is in 4 million pieces). I think I may be addicted! Im just going to enjoy the process and let my projects guide me!
  2. In regards to planning a project, how In depth does everyone plan before starting? I’m in the process of planning my first project but am terrified that I will not think of something and then have to rip things out (such as planning for lighting). What would be some recommendated items you plan in advance before starting!? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! I have researched and decided to start with a room box from hobby lobby! Now I will be impatiently waiting for the mail to come next week so I can get started!
  4. I started th Alison Jr dollhouse as my first dollhouse years ago. The issue I had was I planned changed everything add additions and basically made it so complicated that I accomplished NOTHING! I got super overwhelmed and put the pieces away. Well over the last few weeks I have been itching to work on something but perhaps not as large or as complicated. I was looking at room boxes or very small dollhouses to get me started. Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated! I don’t want to Start another project be in the same pickle!
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    Yay or nay?

    Love the colors!
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    What an awesome radio!
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    Looks beautiful!
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    Laurel chimney

    What an awesome chimney!
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