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  1. I have a furniture kit, it says to paint and then glue (reccomends hot glue) the furniture. So that's what I did. Idk if its me or what, but it looks horrible! My fiancé, tried building a piece with wood glue and then painting and it looks just as bad. Is there a glueing 101 I missed in school? I've never had this bad of results on other projects. Sorry, I needed to vent a little. Any glue advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I have it! Actually working on pieces now. I can scan it tomorrow if anyone still needs it
  3. Thinking of framing....what do you use for frames?
  4. I'm liking Luanne's 3rd picture...it's similar to what I had in mind. Would I just stick the sticker to the wall, use mod podge, or something else so it holds up?
  5. Planning out my rooms, and I'm thinking teal & purple for the living rooms. The other day at Michael's I saw a peacock set in with the scrapbook stickers, etc. Can I use these as wall art? What would be the best way to do this? TIA
  6. Thanks! I have a primer to use on the dollhouse. Would that work for the furniture too?
  7. Newbie here. I've tried searching online and these forums, and I'm giving myself a headache. So forgive me if this has been asked before. I recently picked up this furniture kit to go along with a dollhouse I plan on building. In the paperwork is says to use a "good quality satin finish latex house paint." I am on a budget (almost all is being devoted to the actual dollhouse), and don't plan on these pieces being the permanent furniture for the house. Most of it I plan to stain, but a few I would like to paint. Just until I save up for better furniture, would I be able to use an acrylic craft paint on these pieces? Thank you in advance for your advice and feedback!
  8. I plan on attempting to make a close replica of my dollhouse for my niece, and then go from there??? Maybe this will become my new hobby??? This is something I've never thought of doing before. I actually recently gave away a Victorian dollhouse kit that was my mother's because I had no plans to build one. Then one day I was shopping at a fleatique and stumbled upon the Allison kit, picked it up for repairs on mine, and the whole way through the store I had my niece's voice in my head asking me "Auntie can I have your dollhouse?" (she asks me this every time she sees mine). So I turned around and went back to where I found the kit and picked up a bag of shingles and a furniture kit. Then on another shopping trip, this time to Hobby Lobby, I found the exact same bath tub & sink as mine! So far I haven't put much thought into how I want to decorate the house. I picked up paint samples and chose my colors. An Aunt gave me the idea of using pop cycle sticks as hardwood flooring. And that's as far as I've got. It's a bit intimidating!!!
  9. Hi! I'm a newbie to the dollhouse world. I have the Artply Allison dollhouse that my aunt built me when I was little, and recently stumbled across a kit for it. I was originally going to use the kit to do some minor repairs to my dollhouse, but then decided I would use the kit to build the dollhouse as a birthday present for my niece. Wish me luck!
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