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  1. Morgan


    Yeah I realized that after reading the caption. Very cute either way!
  2. Morgan


    At first glance I thought it looked like a chicken coop haha, gave me an idea for that though!
  3. Morgan

    Entry way stairs, 9/16

    I love the extended and rounded edge on the bottom steps, beautifully done!
  4. So cute! How long do these take to make?
  5. That's terrible! I'm current trying to figure out how to get this dh into either mine or my husbands car to bring it home...we will figure it out lol.
  6. Thank you! Having a functioning door would be ideal, and I can't wait to shop for the perfect 1:12 scale car!
  7. At this point I'm planning on just a standard house with the southwestern Style theme, stucco outside, tile floors and lots of bold warm colors. I've already saved a lot of ideas on houzz.com, I love that site for ideas!
  8. Thank you! Tedious and time consuming is right up my l ally lol!
  9. Yeah I would appreciate any tips, I know my DH would be interested in the process too!
  10. Might have to swipe that idea for my Garfield too, fits perfectly with my brightly colored nature theme!
  11. Morgan


    Did you make the pokemon cards! Too cool, love the pokemon go running on the phone, nice touch!
  12. So creative, love it! I may just make a part of my Garfields porch screened in...
  13. Morgan

    mini village

    Painted monopoly houses/hotels...what a great idea!
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