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  1. Buendia


    You are all so nice! I wish I got to work on this more.... I did finish a bed and a wardrobe and bedside table but don't want to post them yet because I still need to do a bedspread, alarm clock and put "hinges" on the wardrobe. Oh - and a fireplace. Like the towel cabinet, everything is made out of cardboard. I need to figure out how to do door and drawer pulls - any ideas? I bought beads at Michaels but they were too big!! Anyway, I will snap a photo tomorrow - I keep this house in my office!
  2. Trying to buy as little as possible and make as much as I can, so this is a budget project.
  3. Buendia


    Thank you so much, everyone! I'm sad that I've hardly worked on it at all this holiday... we've been so busy, and I keep the house at my office.
  4. Buendia


    That's true... I am very excited to make the furniture!
  5. Thank you! You know what's funny? I live in a very contemporary house (my design). Maybe this is my alternate universe!
  6. Buendia


    They are toothpicks with little paper beads! The oval paper beads are 1/4" x 8.5" triangles cut out of copy paper and then I start rolling the wide end with a little glue around the toothpick, adding glue every so often so they're nice and firm when they dry. The cylindrical beads are just 1/4" x 8.5" (not a triangle). I can't remember where I saw this technique. The size of the beads were trial and error. The first few were HUGE and ugly!
  7. Buendia


    Thank you! Found it in an internet search... then put the border around it sized to the dollhouse floor in Pages, then printed at my copyshop. I sealed it with matte sealer before I put it down... I am now on the hunt for a kitchen floor! Also - part of me thinks I should have created the whole thing with little squares of paper, but that's crazy, right?
  8. Buendia

    Drawing room

    Oh! You are all so sweet! Up close it's a little more... home-made... but it's super fun! My daughter's friends particularly like this project. They're used to my projects, and always want to know more. To my daughter it's just what I do, and not all that interesting, but I can't help thinking that I hope she saves this one. My colleague - another architect - said I am insane!
  9. Buendia


    Thank you so much! It's all paper: I found the floor on the internet at a real-life flooring website and printed it to scale. The spindles are toothpicks with paper-beads. I'm sad that this particular view gets covered up after the wall goes on, but I made a bigger window than the little diamond that the kit comes with, so maybe it'll be more visible?
  10. Buendia


    Thank you so much, everyone! It's been so much fun!
  11. Buendia


    You are so funny (and thank you so much)! Don't shelve the Willowcrest - it's such a beautiful house! And the perfect size (not too big). And a really interesting floor plan...
  12. This is wonderful! I love that idea... and I am now searching for old photos of my family. Need to take some b+w photos of my daughter, husband and dog, too. What did you use to make the frames?
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