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  1. Makes sense.. I figured it would not work for some reason or another.. otherwise I would have seen it by now. Great input, ty. ;)
  2. Lol.. yeah that autocorrect is something.. :) But yes knockdown is also sometimes called popcorn.. used in home to texture walls and ceilings. Cans of it are sold to help spot repair drywall in homes.
  3. Awesome, thanks Sable.i thought about trying spray able knockdown on the interiors. An old one had any experience with that? You can get cans of it Lowes/Home Depot.
  4. Thanks Soapz! Great tip, going to do some searching myself ;)
  5. Agreed. Great tip. I have my shingles all painted and stored for finishing now. If you run across that feed with the taping info please link it. I know I ran across it somewhere as well.. but right now I am a sponge and eating up anything and everything I read.. so just chewing up info and not doing a great job of bookmarking. So exciting ;)
  6. Thanks for tip on the roof KathieB, I would love to take credit, but I am sure I read somewhere about the masking tape. Also looking out for those authors HavanaHolly.. I know that will definitely help to keep her creative little mind a bubbling with ideas.
  7. Thanks so much for the help and advice to all 3 of you! KathieB, Sable, and Havanaholly.. tons of options out there for just about every situation it would seem. I can see already where I will be finding uses for, and finding lil thingamabobbers that will have a perfect use for something... For now I will give an update on day one. The Bug and I spent last night sanding and smoothing shingles out. We started prepping and then painting them today. It has been a blast and a great time chatting with my Lil Angel most of the day. Here is a pic of us getting ready to paint.. loving this
  8. Thanks so much for the encouragement, support, and tips! I spent a goog bit of the day sanding roof shingles and prepping them for paint. She wants a white roof. She also picked a light pink for the house color and a deeper pink/rose for the "squiggly things" on the outside of the house .. love my little bug. Have been researching on how to add texture and character to the home. Trying to figure out if the hardyboard/siding look some of these homes have is painted on, created, or purchased. Also debating on adding texture to the roof. Sigh.. being a perfectionist, I can see how this
  9. Awesome, great tips. If you happen to find that link, I'd appreciate you sharing it. Keep you updated ;)
  10. Great help rbytsdy, thanks for linking it. Already helped me find a good starting point.
  11. Hello Greenleaf Community! 1st time Builder. Bought the Orchid for my daughter a couple years ago. She just turned 6 and is super excited about building it together. I am excited at building memories with her that she and I will carry in our hearts forever. I want this to be a very special keepsake that will last her a lifetime. I look forward to updating with pictures and time lapse of the build. I love that there is this forum for me to rely on and consult with. That being said... I need help and tips ;) Seems a bit overwhelming, and I don't want to mess it up for my little Sweetie
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