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  1. I've put the walls up and painted it. Am still debating on whether to build my own windows or but the housework ones in.
  2. My floor was warped and I had to pile books on top. Hope everything works out with the Spackle.
  3. Hi, was just wondering where the best place is to put the light strip etc when lighting the Garfield.
  4. In the UK I think it's called mountboard. Will have to look into that Have found some that's A3 size for 25 pieces at 1.25mm thickness. Would that be good to use?
  5. I've just measured all the rooms except the attic part. Have measured the attic bedroom. Now the fun begins. Lol
  6. I'm wondering if anyone can help. I would like to put coving and skirting boards in my Garfield but am not sure how much I'd need. I know it requires a lot of measuring which I'm happy to do. Just wondering if anyone had a rough idea of how much to buy. Thank you
  7. Yes that's what I'm trying to achieve too Glad I'm not the only one who feels walking thru a bathroom wrong. Lol
  8. That is such a brilliant idea! Thank you!!
  9. Hi, Has anyone make a back to the Garfield? I like to have my dollhouse enclosed. Am thinking rather than hinging doors on the back of perhaps having magnetic catches to hold them in place. So that they just unattached alot easier and I won't have to worry about the doors dropping etc.
  10. I dry fitted my foundation with lots of tape first. ( I need more tape, I think!) And when it came to gluing it was pretty much easy. :)
  11. Will decide once I've used the filler. Discovered that kitchen scissors are ideal for cutting away unwanted balustrades.
  12. I've just got my Garfield too and I dry fitted or taped the foundation first (or several times, if I'm honest) and then I sanded. A lot. Before even reaching for the glue. It took me a few days before I even decided to proceed with glue. Now I have the foundation glued and sanded and have been working on the stairs.
  13. So here are my stairs. Just waiting for the wood filler and paint job.
  14. Yeah that would make more sense. I'd just use the walled section for the upstairs and the shortened version for the downstairs. Thank you!
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