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  1. I did think about straws. I will have a go at this soon. I guess I could paint them? I feel like paint would't stick?
  2. I used lots of PVA glue, spread thinly on the cardboard and the wood. It stuck better than I thought it would actually.
  3. amandaj

    My Laurel - first build

    Working on my first kit built dollhouse, through some trial and error :)
  4. Ah, hindsight! I didn't paper before attaching unfortunately. That's today's fiddle job. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  5. An album is eluding me. I tried yesterday but could only upload one pic. I am now trying to work out the easiest way to make a railing thing for the stairs. Off to google again!
  6. I've built half a staircase and thought about adding walls too. I think I'm going to try and see what I can come up with. Is it polite or impolite to post pics in this thread? I can't work out how to put an album together at this point but would like some advice.
  7. I've been reading through everyone's progress reports and nodding, agreeing and empathising. I am very new to all this, but know myself too well. I'm the same with knitting. I spend more time planning and looking and worrying than doing. But I enjoy the doing too. I think it comes from the anxiety that potential rarely meets reality for me! I spent ages last night cutting wood (after giving up on matboard because I simply can't cut a straight line with a craft knife) to alter the stairs for the Laurel - I would prefer a more closed in look - only to decide I might leave them out anywa
  8. I have ordered this kit from etsy and it should arrive soon. I might be able to help when it arrives because it's supposed to be all intact still in the box. I'll let you know
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