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  1. Hi all, not sure why I am vacillating over this house http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/george-town/collectables/hand-crafted-dolls-house/1089390043 as it is cheap, but what do you think of it? Made in my home state, looks like a bargain to me - perhaps it's the colour making me falter, and I'm wondering whether it would be okay to make changes to it or keep it the same, or whether it has potential, or . . . What do you think?
  2. Sending you all warm thoughts from Australia where it is still summer
  3. I did think about straws. I will have a go at this soon. I guess I could paint them? I feel like paint would't stick?
  4. I used lots of PVA glue, spread thinly on the cardboard and the wood. It stuck better than I thought it would actually.
  5. Thank you. Making curtains and books today, and still many many details to be done.
  6. I just noticed the little model guy peeking around the corner! Hilarious!!
  7. I've added more pictures to the gallery. Here are a couple of them which I really like:
  8. amandaj

    My Laurel - first build

    Working on my first kit built dollhouse, through some trial and error :)
  9. Your build is one of my inspirations. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Pin hinged doors are definitely in my future - this build I glued them in, shut. Possibly will regret this as my husband and son both said, "Cool. Do the doors open?" Since I don't have too many visitors I hope I won't have to say no too many times. I have added some pics to my gallery - and have moved a long way beyond these pics now. WOW THEY ARE BIG! SORRY!
  11. What an amazing story. I think one of the things that appeals to me about miniatures is the secret nature of them - they are small enough to hide and carry. Thank you for sharing this - I think I will use it with my students this year.
  12. Wonderful advice so far, thank you. I hope more people contribute. These tips are invaluable to us 'noobies'!
  13. Crisis averted. I made a door from balsa wood, and a frame as well. Basswood is quite difficult to come by in my part of the world and I am impatient! I did open the Orchid briefly and couldn't see a door in there that seemed like it would fit, so closed it up again. Talk about restraint!!
  14. That would be the easiest way I guess. I thought someone might just know without me having to lift a finger. I haven't opened the Orchid yet. Looks like I might have to :)
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