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  1. I didn't believe there was any way this was complete when i saw it for $3. The wallpaper and flooring is ridiculously (yet wonderfully) retro. I'm working on a superhero secret lair for my son right now and plan to use a few pieces for that. The rest will indeed go into a mid century style house im planning.
  2. The date on the package is 1980. The pieces themselves look great but they came with decals that are quite dated. I think I'll probably paint them instead of staining.
  3. Thanks Selkie. There's no diagram on the package, but taking pictures is a great idea. I'm going to be altering a lot of the pieces anyway because they are hilariously dated. Think grandma's house in the 70s...
  4. Thanks for answering havanaholly! It's the no. 694 - 35 pc kit with the wallpaper flooring and decals. I can probably figure it out, but it will take a while. There are a lot of pieces. Nothing has been punched out of the sheets, so that should help. Wish me luck!
  5. I just purchased a Skilcraft deluxe furniture kit at the thrift store for $3! It was an awesome find, but the instructions are missing. Everything seems intact, so I'm hoping someone on here has them stashed away somewhere.
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