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  1. Thank you so much! This has been such a fun project, picking out and planning all those little details. And my mom is pretty awesome, yes. I won the mom lottery with her. :-)
  2. They love it! Everything is just to their liking (and how fortuitous that I would find a skeleton garland at Michaels with skellies that were exactly the right size). :-)
  3. Thank you! I had so much fun doing this.
  4. I just finished my miniature haunted house, just in time for Halloween!! I'm very proud of it. It was originally a Primrose kit, and I added a dormer window in the attic, switched out the front door, and made a chimney for the side of the house out of foam board and egg cartons for bricks. I also made the fireplace inside out of foam board and skull beads, and i used a flickering light kit with some twigs from my yard cut up and blackened to look like firewood. I started this last year and my ex wore me down into believing it was stupid and I'd never finish. Well, I reclaimed it! And I'm very
  5. Thanks for the warning. i had this on my list of possible future products since they turn up on ebay every now and then. Maybe i'll just cross that one off...
  6. I ought to have had plenty of practice by then! :)
  7. Mordana

    right side of house

    Thank you. I'd like to try an inlaid floor on my next one for real. :)
  8. Mordana

    living room

    Thanks! I'm gonna go get some more just to keep it on hand. i love the pattern.
  9. Mordana

    second floor

    Thank you! I wish i could have made it look more polished but I like how it came out.
  10. Thank you! My friend wrote me a really lovely thank you letter; said I made her year, and she was overwhelmed. It makes me so happy to see her little girl so happy.
  11. I posted a few months back about finding my old partially built Heritage dollhouse and deciding to finish building it to give to my best friend's daughter for Christmas. Well, it turned out more of a late Christmas/New Year's gift, but I finished it, and thought I'd share some photos. I started building it when i was in high school, 22 years ago. It went into my mom's closet after that, and I finally decided to finish it and give it to a little girl who I love dearly. I learned a lot of lessons from this, and you can see some pretty glaring mistakes, which i wouldn't live with if I was kee
  12. Mordana

    Heritage house in progress

    My Dura-Craft Heritage house, begun 22 years ago and recently excavated from my mom's closet. I was 17 when started it, and not really thinking ahead. Not sure how to fix some of my mistakes. I would like to wallpaper the house but not sure how get in those tight spaces on the first floor, and not sure what to use to cover the ceiling. Would love any helpful suggestions.
  13. That looks really nice! I have some cardstock I could use, and honestly my friend's little girl probably wouldn't even notice. But I want to do it up right for her.
  14. Mordana

    Household pest

    Lol! Me, neither. I knew when I was digging it out of the closet that he'd think it was for him. my mom had a big hefty cat when I was in college who liked to sleep in this house, but on the second floor next to the stairs. That's why the railing is leaning over a bit there.
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