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  1. Or if I ever do a 1:12 house it could be a toy piano. Haha No - the bed did not come with a mattress but I'm going to attempt to make them. I will try making the bedding as well. I have two of these beds that I was planning to put in the middle room of the second floor.
  2. I will see if I can find the photo. The problem is that the scale doesn't seem uniform - even though they both said "half scale" when I ordered from Petite Properties. After measuring, I feel the piano is too small.
  3. Glowworm

    Glenna's half scale bungalow

    This is my very first house to build. It's the half scale bungalow from RGT. Now I need to finish the interior!!
  4. I will try to post some photos today of my finished bungalow. The house itself is finished but nothing in the interior yet. Thanks Deborah for giving me some places to look for furnishings. I've order some from Petite Properties already and have the piano and one bed in the photos. I also used your method of staining the shingles with vinegar and steel wool. They turned out great I think.
  5. OK thanks. Once I get my house finished I will create an album. I love your little camper. I'm sure it will be darling once you add your décor. I do like the smaller scale so the camper kit that I'm getting will probably seem huge. haha I'll be anxious to see your Fairfield once you start building it. I will definitely be building another 1:24 scale house. Just not sure which one. I don't have room for a 1:12 size. However, I would like to possibly build a 1:12 room box or the RGT Wall House Kit someday.
  6. I'm not sure if I know how to add photos except as attachments here. I guess I can attach more than one? I am getting close to finishing the house itself, however, furnishing it may be awhile. I have all of the wallpapering and flooring done and that's about it. I didn't add lights. I wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle that yet. haha. I love all of your furnishings - just not sure if I would know how to make them myself. I do have quite a few vintage "tootsietoy" pieces that I think will fit well in this half scale bungalow so I plan to use a lot of them. Will the Fairfield be
  7. Thank you Holly and Deborah. You guys have been great help on my first house. I'm already wondering what I can build next. We have a small miniature club here that meets once a month so I'm learning from them too. :)
  8. Thank you. I don't think I would have thought about that. I'll be sure to wear some. I will soon be ready to start roofing. Did you use Aleen's Tacky Glue or hot glue to attach the shingles? I've seen videos both ways. So far I've used Aleen's on the whole house.
  9. Thank you. I made the mailbox from left over trim. I glued several layers together. My handwriting didn't turn out too well but that's ok. It doesn't open. I still need to add a door knob to the door and finish painting the trim. Thank you on the shingle advice. That makes it perfectly clear. I will do mine the same way.
  10. How did you make the images so small? Is there a YouTube video that shows how? I love it!
  11. Deborah - I found the link regarding dying the shingles with vinegar but was wondering.....did you paint each individual shingle with the dye or did you put them all in a bucket and let them soak for a bit? Thank you. I love your house by the way. Mine is coming along slowly but surely.
  12. Wow. Your house looks awesome!! Did you make the little books? I bought the same bookshelf for my bungalow but have no clue how to make books.
  13. I am in the process of building my first dollhouse. It is the 1:24 scale RGT bungalow. I left the stairs out so that I could have more decorating space. I got a small piece of wood along with some wood filler to fill in the hole. You can't even tell there was a hole there. I think it looks perfectly fine.
  14. Thank you Holly. Once you glued all of the bricks down did you go over them with any kind of coating or spray. I saw where you sprayed the sheets of sandpaper with hair spray before cutting. I was just curious if there are any steps once I glue down the bricks. And I will need to figure out the size I'll need to cut for my half scale house. They will be tiny. Deborah - did you have to trim down your porch rails a bit since you put the stones on your porch posts? I haven't got to that step yet but looking ahead I'm wondering how to do the brick work around the posts. I suppose I
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