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  1. I think Holly is right. It looked like a ditty bag to me as well. It wasn't a painting, it's a picture. Maybe a view they have at another vacation house somewhere else? Or a view they like somewhere else... I don't know, but I think it's an insanely creative idea. This little surprise was a great end to my job... I quit it today! This girl is back down to two jobs... I'm anticipating getting back some family time... and some of my mini time!!!
  2. An unexpected highlight in my drooling day came in a mini-way! I've been a little absent for a while, picked up a third job, so I've got time for nothing but sleep. While working my second job (housekeeping for one of the island rental agencies) and becoming more and more enraged over pet fur; I discovered TWO shadowboxes/ room boxes. I haven't seen anything so delightful (mini) in any of the homes I've cleaned. I just had to share...
  3. So awesome!!!!!! I can't wait to see how this works out!
  4. I recently (this past Friday!) found a lady that has offered to put my Beachside Bungalow in her store (free of charge, oh what a blessing) so that I can fund my efforts to continue building for the foster home that fostered my father. Whether or not it sells, is yet to be determined.
  5. The shape reminds me of one of the little quarter machine eggs (not the normal size ones), wrapped in jute or raffia!
  6. The DC Bellingham Farmhouse that I got to rehab later has MDF and the thinner wood. I think you could probably pull off a bash of the two... lots of houses that they're throwing up down here on the island have two different kinds of siding going on.
  7. Welcome!!! Looking forward to seeing all that you've built! Everyone here is so very helpful!
  8. JustCallMeAnna

    Dura-Craft VH600 Victorian

    Picked up from a Craigslist ad (three hours away), biggest $60 dollhouse I've ever bought. Sure it's in desperate need of some love and attention, but oh my goodness is it a beauty!
  9. I'm the same on pinterest... https://www.pinterest.com/justcallmeanna/
  10. Thankfully, until tourist season starts, I don't work everyday. So I get to work on it between household chores while the boys are at school. Just not today, I have to be a grown up and go to work.
  11. Me too! The house was right! It's taking forever to paint though, I think I could get it done in one day if everybody didn't need me... if they'd feed themselves... and do their own laundry... and wash their own dishes... and settle their own arguments... oh man...
  12. I've seen these... seems like an awful lot of work... Neat, for sure... but... gee.
  13. Thank you! I think it already is... it's a blank slate with a world of possibilities!
  14. It's taking three coats to cover, wish I had found a blue primer. I was a little worried that it might be too dark, but as it goes on it's helping to make the house not look so gigantic!
  15. Oh man... this brings up brings up new things (and instead of hijacking your post, I'll post it on my blog). You just let me know!!! I am very "waste not, want not"... and I know that someday someone may want it!
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