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    Dollhouses of course, 1/6 scale items as well. I collect silkstone barbie dolls and Fashion Royalty dolls. I do lots of hobby crafts and have many projects on the go.

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  1. Thanks so much, I sent her an email with your suggestions. Jenn
  2. Good Morning, Does anyone know if you can get translated versions of the instructions for houses? I have a friend from Switzerland and she wants to build the Fairfield dollhouse but can not follow due to the instructions being in English. Even if they were possibly on line maybe somehow we could use Google Translate to adjust them. I know the translation would suffer a bit this way but it would still help her out. Thanks for any feedback, Jenn
  3. madhatter


    I love the floor, your entryway looks so good I want to move in myself. lol
  4. madhatter

    Mora clock

    Your clock and the changes you made are fantastic as always. I love your idea of using artwork on the base of the clock, looks amazing! Hopefully we can talk in Chicago next year. lol Jenn
  5. Looking amazing, I really need to work on mine. It has been sitting in my basement for too long. Jenn
  6. madhatter

    Lights out!

    Love all your detail!
  7. Another fantastic idea, im sure this will also help with dust too.
  8. Love the animals, they are wonderful and so realistic! Great collection.
  9. Love this, your set is fantastic!!
  10. madhatter


    I love cardboard too, free and works so many places!!
  11. madhatter


    Great job on the stairs, there looking fab!!
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