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  1. Nice! And thanks for the link to Petworth Miniatures! I had never heard of them.
  2. Debsrand56


    Very nice! I like the kitchen floor and the color scheme. (I've always been fond on green in a kitchen.) Lots of nice accessories, too!
  3. I recognize that dressmaker's mannequin! The sewing machine and table, too. I always like a little sewing corner in a house.
  4. I didn't, either (get the confirmation).
  5. Wow! That is a great find, and I am loving the ideas that people have for it. I also vote for faux doors. You would want doors from the hallways, but you don't want to have to cut through the walls.
  6. In case you are interested: https://www.amazon.com/McCalls-Pattern-7192-Dollhouse-Clothes/dp/B003R6T5UK https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/570344102/1979-mccalls-6889-two-story-doll-house I'm pretty sure this is the pattern that Lisa @FurMama used, but she can confirm.
  7. Other options for furniture might include Pottery Barn Kids (they have a starter set that is pretty basic and chunky, but might work well for small hands) or your local Dollar Tree store, which sells unfinished miniature furniture for $1.00/item (examples here). It's pretty easy to paint with craft paint.
  8. Wow! I love that trunk. I also do half scale, so I'm very happy that you shared the photo.
  9. I remember that. It was started by one of the winners of the HGTV Design Star series. So frustrating! Agreed. It's even worse if you read the gushing descriptions that House Beautiful writes about each house. "The tiniest pitcher ever!" (Really?) "The most detailed house you've ever seen!" (Um, no. Not by a long shot. Come here if you want to see some detailed houses.) Sheesh!
  10. Have no idea what it is (I agree that it may be scratch built), but what a delightful house it is! Enjoy!
  11. Sweet! At first, I thought you were showing us your real kitchen reno. It's always nice when I have to look twice to say, "Yes, that's a mini!"
  12. Agreed. Of course, inside the house, they've usually been dispatched by the cat by the time I've seen them. "Here! Look at this wonderful gift I brought you!"
  13. Thank you! All the furniture in there is scratch built. It was an exercise to improve my skills.
  14. I'm a dope. I completely forgot her, and I've been eyeing her deck chair. Also forgot Jane Harrop: https://www.janeharrop.co.uk/24th_kits.html I just made her art deco serving table. I also made her camping coach kit. Alpha Stamps also has some 1:24 scale kits. They are made of card rather than wood, but they paint up nicely. https://alphastamps.net/
  15. I know Ashley (Wormwoodz) made some of his kits and really liked them. If you look in her Fairfield album, in the comments, you can see that which ones she made. Most of his items are just a little too ornate for my builds, but they look really lovely. I've always been intrigued by the games table: https://www.etsy.com/listing/592140013/124-games-table-dollhouse-miniature-kit?ref=shop_home_active_17&sca=1 , which I think is one of the kits Ashley built.
  16. Honestly, those are the kits I know. Red Cottage are my favorite so far, because they always fit together so well. Mini-Etchers kits aren't perfect (I have sometimes found pieces that didn't quite fit); however, she is willing to make things for you if you have something in mind. She made me a rocking chair that she now sells on her site She also made me a custom cabinet for my kitchen, custom shutters and a custom porch swing. Check her out
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    Gorgeous stonework!
  18. If I'm doing a lot of shingles, I like the strips. It really helps speed things up!
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