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  1. Tanya

    Elf girl

    I will take a look! Your work is beautiful.
  2. Tanya

    Elf girl

    These are wonderful! I would love to make some people for my houses. Where are you getting the pieces from, or have you made them? And, I am sorry if you have been asked before, I searched and did not see. Thanks!
  3. These are so gorgeous! I am working on a Cajun Night Before Christmas cabin....these would be a great touch.
  4. I am going to be starting my Garfield in a few months (I am finishing an OLD Arrow Deluxe Tudor kit right now). I'd love to follow along. Great idea!
  5. I joined this club. So far we have made one kit...tussy mussies
  6. I have a custom basement for my Greenleaf Brookwood (which I have named The Mystic). The basement serves as space for a kitchen, eat-in-kitchen table, and a garage. I created a greenhouse for the front just off the kitchen...it opens onto a patio that serves the floating stairs up to the main floor of The Mystic. Here is my greenhouse. Everything is still under construction (when is a dollhouse ever done??)
  7. Tanya

    Conduit for Wiring

    I made conduit out of bubble tea straws for the wiring on this Glencroft build. I am making a shed for the little el in front of the house to put the electric strip in (it is for a little girl and I thought it would be easy to turn on and off in this location). I just cut lengths of the straw, opened it lengthwise, and collected the wires inside. It is handy for tidying up and keeping the wires from getting snagged.
  8. I just put windows in the Glencroft I am building. I made duct tape hinges by sandwiching the duct tape between the window frames and then using then sticking the tape to the outside of the window opening. I then put the window or house trim over the tape. They work great.
  9. Ask anything...someone here will be able to help you.
  10. Tanya

    Moving in day

    It's so nice to not have enough room in bed because it is filled with dogs!
  11. Tanya

    Gathering decorations

    A lady in Australia made them. All of her stuff is so cool...actually play-with-able...but, quirky and fits well in any house (in my opinion). She was inspired by her children and wanted things that could actually withstand little ones.
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