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    Owner of Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures & Dolls.....Guess what my interests are! Owning this shop is my lifelong dream and through hard work, great friends and most of all...The best customers I could ever ask for! Each one is now under my friend list! Come visit and chat if you can. You will find lots of pictures and information on the shops facebook page..just look for Heirlooms!

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  1. Oh gosh, now I'm trying to ask you a question without quoting. I'm searching for a tutorial...must be one. I am looking for someone to help with the picture situation. Should I post that request here also. I thank you in advance for any help.you may have. Wendy hmm I tried a different way of posting and it worked. But there are only 2 pictures in this fiLe on my phone! Lol
  2. I wanted to mention that opening a miniature shop anywhere was a scary thought! It's one my Grandma and I would sit and talk about over Tea when I was very young. I was fortunate to grow up around precious things, dreams do come true. I lived one. My Grandmother at one point when I was in grade school in the late 60's had one of the biggest antique doll collections in the Northwest. She was also a well known doll doctor and Doll costume artist. People would send dolls from farway places for her to repair and dress. Of course our Dollhouses came first. The doll money financed the mini's! I wo
  3. Hi! Was this not the right place for me to post? I wasn't selling any one thing really..well I guess the chandeliers. Didn't think to price them. I really wanted to share pictures of the changes in the shop and how it's grown! Could someone maybe explain what to do about my picture problem? The popup says they are to big? They are just simple pics taken with my phone that I send to people all the time. As for facebook, I know that's not the ideal place to go for many and personally I don't care for facebook. As a buisness owner I was a bit stuck. I have started a website many times an
  4. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures & Dolls Located in the Historic District! Aurora Oregon What a whirlwind of craziness it's been around here! Here is a bit of what's new..... I am thrilled to announce that Mike Clarizio's magnificent Chandeliers and table lamps are here! If you want the finest gold plated Swarovski Crystal Chandelier for your Dollhouse, these are exquisite. The table lamps are beautiful too! I admit I went a little crazy at an auction, I'll let all the pictures speak for themselves. If you see anything your interested in PM me, give me a
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