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  1. PJSizemore

    Witch's House & Magic Shop

    I put these photos in order and tried to add comments but that isn't how they turned out. I hope you enjoy them anyway.
  2. Update: Moving day for my Newport Dollhouse. I donated it to Greene County Rescue Squad. They will be holding a raffle as a fund raiser. I couldn't be happier, I was an active member of this squad for 9 years before 4 back surgeries forced me out of the EMT world. The brick building in the photo is the Squad house.
  3. I hope noone one thinks I am trying make a profit on the Newport. It is strictly a donation. Whoever receives it is free to keep it, sell or raffle it and they will keep all proceeds. I hope I haven't given anyone the impression I would receive the money. I apologize if my intentions were unclear. If this works out well, I plan to do it again with future builds. I love building and decorating the houses. I want to share them with others. I am almost finished with my Witch's Orchid. It has taken on a new look from my original vision. I will post pictures soon. I need the room to keep building. I have the Vermont Farmhouse Jr. ready to be next, as soon as the Newport leaves. In the future, I think I will buy one of the BIG doll houses like the Foxhall Manor, the Montclair with additions, etc. I will build this and keep for me only. I've started dropping hints to Hubby that it would be a wonderful gift for my 60th birthday he still has a couple years catch on
  4. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas and suggestions. The Volunteer Rescue Squad informed me that they would love to accept the dollhouse for a fundraiser. I was an active members with this squad for 9 years. But my back issues (4 surgeries), forced me to retire my EMT status, now I am an Honorary Member. I'm thrilled that the house will going with them I have also looked into some of your suggestions. I found the Ronald MacDonald house in my area. I also found St. Peter's Consignment Shop. And I went to SPCA yesterday and they told me where the SPCA Rummage store is located. So I will have all these options for future use. P.S. I will be making a trip to St. Peter's Consignment Shop. They have miniature furniture there and "vintage" wallpaper. It's close enough that I HAVE to check it out.
  5. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas. I will be working on finding a good home for my Newport. I will let you know what happens.
  6. I have finally finished my Newport and I am quite far along with my Orchid (Witches House). I told my husband that I would sell or donate the Newport to make room for another dollhouse. I live in a small, rural area in Virginia without many organizations to chose from. I've approached the volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squad to donate to them for a fund raiser. None of them took me up on my offer. I contacted the closest Children's Cancer Center with the same offer and after their initial response, "I'll ask management", I have not been able to get any more information from them. Does anyone have any suggestions of groups or organizations that might be more receptive to a donation? I'm almost ready to write up an ad for Craigs List and try to sell it. I know I'll never recoup my time and labor but I need the room. My craft room is full with all my other craft activities, machine embroidery and quilting, scrapbooking and card making and drawing and painting supplies. And I have already over flowed to the laundry room closet, spare bedroom and the orchid is currently sitting on the dining room table. My Newport takes up a good portion of my husband's den. Today, UPS delivered my Vermont Farmhouse Jr with one addition so I really need the room. I'm up for any help or suggestions from all of you. I've attached 2 photos of the Newport. I don't have photos yet but all landscaping done. Thanks, Pamb
  7. Amy, this is only my opinion but the houses with ⅜" walls are much easier to build the the thin walled doll houses. There is so much more work to get the ⅛"wood ready on these houses. My very first house was a thin walled house and it was was 3 story, L-shaped monster. I think the only reason I got through it was, I was in my 20's, no children yet and my eyesight was 20/10. I've done some of each over these many years. I just finished the Newport and am working on the Orchid. I am glad it is a little house and it will turn out nice in the end. But mostly, don"t panic. Read and reread the instructions and keep things organized. If I could get the Princess Anne, I'd be thrilled. Good Luck and I know it will be amazing when finished. Pam
  8. Thank you Saran for your reply. I am looking for interior door that will work with the thinner ⅛" walls as opposed to ⅜". I think making my own is the way to go. Unless you know where they can be purchased, I would love that information. I see you are a new member, welcome.
  9. Can anyone tell me if it is okay to wire houses with regular and LED lights together in series?
  10. Thank you for your responses and ideas. Cathy I appreciate your response. I have seen the tutorial on Kris's 1 inch mini website and had totally forgotten about it. So thanks fr the reminder.
  11. Has anyone made or know of a good tutorial on making interior doors for ⅛" plywood walls? For example, the Orchid. Thank you for any assistance. Pam
  12. Hello everyone, I am a happily married, 57 year old grandmother of 12. I live in Virginia but I am originally from Maine. I am building my third dollhouse, Newport. I have the next dollhouse "Orchid"' in a box ready to go and a punch list for another one after that. It is very addictive. I found myself at home on disability several years ago after my third back surgery. I've had a 4th since then. On bad days, when I can't stand or sit to work on the actual structure, I can make all sorts of items to decorate the inside. I usually have no less than three projects going at once. I love the forums, tutorials, and helpful hints on this website. Luckily, my husband is very supportive and let me take over half of his den for the "Newport with addition. He built a beautiful table with turntable for my house. He keeps asking what I'll do with these dollhouses, as we will eventually run out of room. I reminded him that we have 7 granddaughters out of 12 grandchildren. Guess I can plan on being busy for awhile.
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