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  1. Emerald

    Freeman house2.jpg

    The amazing special blocks in this house is in 1:12 scale at Minimaterials and it was a suggestion they made. They have many of these Wright special blocks. Won't work for me...improvise.
  2. Obviously the 1/6 real concrete blocks are heavy as hell, so maybe have to dismantal one of the dioramas or not. Cannot go this big, but see what I can do.
  3. Emerald

    Freeman house2.jpg

    Well the idea is to use the BIG BRIKS CLEAR which I cannot find anymore in the neutral boxes. So will attempt to use the 100 or so 1/6 scale bricks (action figure scale) to attempt part of this Freeman Wright house.
  4. Emerald

    1/6 cement project

    These are 1/6 scale real cement blocks and bricks. Will be doing a diorama with them.
  5. Emerald


    step by step as you build. Love what you are creating.
  6. Emerald


    Cannot wait to see everything you do and put into this build.
  7. Emerald

    Earth Day gardening

    She dropped a plant????
  8. Emerald

    Earth Day gardening

    Had not noticed this before. I love EVERYTHING about this photo...the lights, refrigerator, window and what a wonderful figure looking out the window with the window box.
  9. Emerald

    Finnish exterior

    See you are adding to your cottage. Look at the tiny bench and plants outside. Stunning!
  10. Emerald


    Your floor looks fantastic and your stairs too. Is this 1/24? Can't remember.
  11. Yes, though you cannot see it well, I DID paint the ceiling.
  12. Emerald

    1/6 IDEAS

    Maybe if I look long enough I will figure it out
  13. We have some food and drinks and more people to go on boat.
  14. Another angle of the side and front of boat. I wanted to do something different with the front and thought it turned out ok.
  15. photo of back of boat...on the top it will be plexi glass so light can get in all the time.
  16. My special front of the boat! Got that plexi in and if you look CLOSELY you can see the old soldier.
  17. "the old soldier action figure" who is Capt America when he went back in time. Equipment on the boat.
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