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  1. Emerald

    neck snoopy.jpg

    Look for people size things small enough for the ladies, and remount them. I was only able to save 1 necklace so all of my work has been remounting charms onto different chains.
  2. Emerald

    Townhouse or street front

    want to to a narrow wide 2 townhouse or street front
  3. Emerald

    The cottage

    Love this cottage painting. WOW
  4. What a great creative idea!!! would have never thought to do that.
  5. Got to tell you Suzy that this is wonder detail....never would have thought of realistically cracked concrete and names like we used to.
  6. Emerald


    will put my note here...a craft attic room for projects..FABULOUS.
  7. HI HI MIKE! Missed your projects
  8. Did not see this one...will have to keep track
  9. Emerald

    Front entrance

    HEY...any work on this?????
  10. Thank you so much...kinda different idea I had.
  11. Emerald


    Updated shelf dioramas beginning Sep 2019
  12. From the album: SHELF DIORAMAS

  13. Emerald

    New Glencroft

    How totally tragic to lose your creations!!! My heart goes out to you. But I am excited you are beginning. Please please keep posting your progress.
  14. All of your photo painting work is so painstakingly beautiful.
  15. Emerald


    Jewelry I found and REMADE to fit Barbie or like figures
  16. Emerald

    neck snoopy.jpg

    From the album: JEWELRY

  17. Emerald


    Open ultra modern design, using real plexi glass, floating stairs
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