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    1:6 scale projects which support 12" Fashion Dolls such as Integrity 12" dolls, Barbie, Blythe, Monster High. The building and challenges are exciting and find new ways to create projects. I have also done one 1:12 dollhouse and three 1:12 room boxes I built from scratch

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  1. Emerald

    1st cutouts.jpg

    Thank you so much sage minis...I have never done this...it is for my husband's birthday. His love of boats and my 1/6 scale/Barbie/action figures
  2. Emerald

    1/6 IDEAS

    Maybe if I look long enough I will figure it out
  3. Emerald

    Barbie yacht3.jpg

    THIS is the Lake Express Catamaran Ferry (Milwaukee) that goes across Lake Michigan. It can even park sideways. The cars are parked under . THIS is the catamaran idea I am working with
  4. Emerald

    Barbie yacht.jpg

    THIS is awesome though not a catamaran inside, but I think I can combine the Lake Express catamaran and this idea
  5. Emerald

    1st cutouts.jpg

    first cutouts...like the sides with the curves. 1 side will but a CUTAWAY so you can IN the boat
  6. Emerald

    1st cutoutA.jpg

    Did not like the pink foam for floor and double hull...so cut wood for it. Now I can distress and stain the floor....
  7. I am excited to see what you do with this garage and an entry into the 2020 contest....CANNOT WAIT
  8. Emerald

    Bullet hole detail

    Interesting creative addition
  9. Everything is creatively moving along. Love the window...perfect
  10. Found a 4th "window"...so 3 on back wall and 1 on side.
  11. Found some lantern doors that kinda have a design like this....see how it goes on this project.
  12. Emerald

    mini gothic chamber.jpg

    THIS was a utube video...1:12 scale. Will attempt 2 walls with my windows (album cover) Won't be able to due the DEEP of it because do not want to buy another sheet 2" deep, using 1" I already have.
  13. They ARE BOOKENDS and are REALLY ROD IRON. All I did was make the cushions. Barnes and Nobel had these 2-3 Christmas ago. I got 2 sets. Thought I should go into detail. These is not my style...I am more modern. But the windows (candle sconces) required a change of venue. SO making an entire stand alone BOX in 1:6 scale.
  14. Madtex...so you are a texan...grew up in San Antonio so had to ask. The window is FANTASTIC....SO SO beautiful. I build in 1:6 scale and everything is a challenge. YOUR WORK IS SO CREATIVE
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