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  1. Risotto

    Flower boxes.

    Oh my goodness that is adorable!!
  2. Robin Betterly’s kits seem to be made to support success! It was so nice to work with a well put together kit, I’ve been building up to her kits by working on other mini kits ie from China (instructions were in Chinese and supplemented by photos), and kits from other vendors. Only just lately did I feel brave enough to try this kit, and I am so glad I did, it was a confidence builder ! Is your 1:12 from scratch or a kit? I’d love to see some pics of it...
  3. What fun I had making this “Olde Crow Apothocary”— filled with mini books, skulls, bats, and potion bottles!
  4. That looks so nice! Good gingerbread!
  5. Risotto


    Love the music sheet wallpaper in attic!
  6. Spindles spindles everywhere! It looks absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Risotto

    Bit of siding.

    How cute— love the wallpaper and stairs!
  8. Risotto

    A bit here...

    So exciting!! I love the fairy chairs!!
  9. Your upholstered furniture is adorable!! I really think that you could take on any scale furniture and house making!
  10. Wow! What a beauty this house is becoming!
  11. This San Fran is sooo colorful and detailed ! I love it!
  12. So so cute-- I love your careful attention to detail on those kitchen chairs! Well done! your bank still ok?
  13. This is adorable! And I think I spotted Goldielocks sleeping upstairs in a tiny bed!
  14. Did you build the kitchen cabinets, cupboard, waste basket from scratch?
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