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  1. Thank you! I'm not too worried about waiting for the postage I just don't want to spend over $100 and have something not work! I've heard back from Cir-Kit Concepts and they said that the kits won't work in New Zealand so I guess I just need to buy the items that make up the kit locally and individually. I'll send you my email!
  2. Hi there, Wondering if anybody from New Zealand or even Australia has any tips on where to buy wiring kits/supplies including transformer. I was looking at buying a Cir-Kit Concepts kit from overseas - does anybody know if this works fine in NZ? Any help much appreciated! I'm a newbie when it comes to dollhouse lighting.
  3. JayNZ

    All panelling glued!

    This looks so good!
  4. Love this! I've always wanted to make a Brambly Hedge inspired dollhouse ever since I was a little kid. I used to pretend my Sylvanian families were from Brambly Hedge.
  5. I used it, and just finished it with wood stain. I bought several sheets for my house, and would definitely use again. I sanded before applying stain, and then lightly between each coat as well. I did 3 or 4 coats of stain. It has a lovely texture and the woodgrain is to-scale.
  6. Wow awesome! It's my dream to come across a Greenleaf on Trademe or in a second hand shop! When I was a kid we found a damaged & not quite finished dollhouse in my grandparents' basement, which I kept for a few years and intended to "revonvate" later on but my sister and I already had two dollhouses each and my parents told me last year they got rid of it a few years ago which is annoying! Early last year (when I first discovered Greenleaf!) I looked through all their dollhouses and recognised it as the Arthur dollhouse! So disappointed, would have loved to have still had it. I'm up to the gluing stage of my Beacon Hill build now. It's been sitting dry-fitted for a few months as I've been busy with work and uni and not had the time, but also I'm terrified about gluing it haha! All my dollhouses in the past came either pre-assembled or were MDF ones that were able to be assembled in a few hours. So this is really my first build!
  7. Great! Thanks so much for the advice. I got the Beacon Hill as figured if I bought another one, I would still end up buying the Beacon Hill later as it was the one I reaaally wanted. The logic did not work at all though, as not even halfway through the Beacon Hill I already have a list of the ones I want to buy next
  8. I actually just ordered something from Canada yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the exchange rate! And yes, it is very close to the NZD (and AUD)
  9. I think I researched every place I could possibly find to order a Beacon Hill and in the end it seemed to be cheaper for me to just order from Greenleaf, to avoid having to pay extra tax costs upon it's arrival, which happened to someone on a blog I followed... But it did mean it cost TWICE the normal amount all up....ahh! A lot of money but hey it was my 21st present and I plan on keeping it for the rest of my life. So hopefully it's worth it ahah! I certainly understand why postage is expensive, especially to NZ but it is still frustrating! Luckily in terms of buying furniture and accessories, often if the seller is from China it has free international shipping. I was just in Auckland (and Hamilton for a day) a few weeks ago! I should have sought out some shops to visit before I went. (I live in Dunedin and there's absolutely nothing here! Not that I can find anyway) Thanks so much for the links, I think I've looked at the last two before but don't think I've seen the first one before.
  10. Thank you so much! I've bought from Dollshouse Emporium multiple times but I haven't heard of the others!
  11. No that's not too bad! About $30 NZD I think. It just depends on what i'm ordering really, but I usually don't mind paying about $30 shipping for a package if it has a reasonable amount of things in it. It's when I have to pay that price for a package that barely weighs anything that I wish there were better suppliers closer to home!
  12. Thank you! I had not heard of that site before. Yes, here it's very rare to come by a store that sells miniatures! At least in my city. Yes, I usually do order things in bulk as I found that was the best way, even if it was a lot of money at one time it saves in the long run! I found miniatures.com to be good for this as their shipping prices are fairly standard - they don't vary much even if you add a few more items. I think I have about 80 items on my wishlist right now ahah! Every time I need something I just add a few more things onto the order. Thanks for the advice!
  13. It really is! I try and buy a lot of things all at once from one seller, to make the shipping worth it
  14. To everyone from Australia or NZ (esp. NZ), I'm sure I'm not alone here in being constantly annoyed about paying often outrageous shipping costs, sometimes double the price of the item I'm buying. Quite often I can source things a little more cheaply on ebay, but I was wondering is there any good Australian or New Zealand miniature websites that sell products sourced from the US or UK? I do know of a couple in NZ but so far they haven't had what I'm wanting. At the moment I am specifically looking for the Chrysnbon Victorian Bathroom kit, but shipping costs far too much if I order from most miniature sites and although I've seen a few on ebay that are a bit cheaper, ($50 NZD incl. shipping was the cheapest I found) I still don't really want to fork out that much for one... Let me know any tips you might have for saving on shipping minis to this part of the world!
  15. Thank you so much for writing this! I've been trying to decide how to do subway tiles in my Beacon Hill and I think I'll give this a try!
  16. JayNZ

    Finished Stairwell

    Such a perfect finish. The stain and finish of the wood is beautiful. Nothing about this photo indicates that it's a miniature - your attention to detail is amazing. Looks just like a real house! (And I want to move in)
  17. JayNZ

    Bedroom - Gable

    Incredible. You have done such an amazing job!
  18. JayNZ

    Mini Shells.jpg

    From the album: Misc. Minis

    Went on holiday to the North Island last week and these are some mini shells I found on a few beaches! Some of them are a little big to be 1/12 scale but I was so surprised how tiny some of the others are! I'm sure I could find some at the beaches in my town too, I guess I've just never really looked before As you can see, I stained the flooring for my Beacon Hill!
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