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  1. Yeah, I have 5 posts so I will put pictures in my gallery.
  2. Duracraft VM800 Victorian Mansion remodel I decided I did't like the 'linoleum' floor in the kitchen (actually contact paper), so I installed hardwood and stained it to match the rest of the 1st floor. I had carpet on the 2nd floor because the kit only came with enough wood flooring strips for the 1st floor. I removed the carpet and replaced it with wood flooring. I'm finishing up the floor in the 2nd floor 5-sided tower room. It's challenging to get in there to get a proper fit.
  3. Continuing with progress on my Duracraft VM800 Victorian Mansion......Much of the wallpaper was faded and discolored so I replaced all the 1st and 2nd floor wallpaper. I had to remove the window trim which I had originally attached with a hot glue gun. My hairdryer wasn't cutting it so I borrowed my husband's heat gun (used for shrink tubing) and managed to loosen the glue without setting the wallpaper or the house on fire.
  4. Hello All, I can't believe it's been over three years since I joined this forum! Life can certainly get in the way of dollhouse building. I did get new doors for my Duracraft VM800 Victorian Mansion. I tried making my own doors but was not happy with the results. With my handy husband's help, we did successfully enlarge the existing openings and installed new doors. Since then I have been remodeling my original build. The exterior paint was a soooo 80's avocado green so I repainted it blue. Remember, I started building this house in the early 1980's. I completed the po
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome and suggestions. I have never constructed anything without a kit. Maybe it's time I tried. Or I may see if I can modify door from a miniature supplier. I was going to attach a photo of the ugly door and my in progress house but I found out I need to have five posts before I can do that.
  6. Hello all, I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this forum. I purchased a VM-800 about 30 years ago and very nearly completed it - except for the roof and the porch railings. Then we bought a real house - a fixer-upper so the dollhouse was stored away. Now I am retired and would like to finish it. I have all the parts, instructions, etc. It's painted, electrified, wallpapered, the flooring is in, and I have a lot of furniture. I actually started out collecting miniature furniture and later decided I needed a house for my collection. My problem is that I don't like the doors th
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