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  1. From the album: Beds

    This bed is made with shells, a broken piece of a vintage necklace, sponge mattress and fabrics.
  2. sage minis


    In the last year and half, I've made quite a few beds for various houses.
  3. From the album: Beds

    Hatter's bed has been changed with the addition of a little quilt.
  4. sage minis

    Fairy house bed

    From the album: Beds

  5. From the album: Beds

    Hard to see - but the headboard is a clear embossed circle top from a vintage jewelry holder.
  6. From the album: Beds

    Bed Covering is a vintage pieced quilt square with a piece of picket fence for the headboard..
  7. sage minis

    Blue checked bed

    From the album: Beds

    Headboard is a child's toy china platter. So far this bed is not placed in any dollhouse.
  8. From the album: Beds

    Bunk bed with many fabrics
  9. sage minis


    The Lego dollhouse is very cute and clever. I like the furniture in this scene as well. you have the most varied collection of Barbie sized dolls I've ever seen.
  10. sage minis

    the front door

    Like this stairway entrance - very cool.
  11. sage minis


    This is very sweet. I like the shape of the fireplace/oven, reminds me of ones I saw in Sweden. Where did you find the fireplace?
  12. Oh my goodness - this is all just amazing.
  13. sage minis

    Out Sophia.JPG

    Wonderful perspective on this pic.
  14. I love all these details and having some context, gives everything another layer. Great.
  15. I love your story that accompanies this house. The fire screen is a lovely elegant design.
  16. sage minis

    Fairy Bathroom

    Thank you - the oyster shell was the starting point.
  17. sage minis

    Fairy cottagfe

    That is a crazy enchanted tree. Maybe I should include a closeup of the tree in my album? Glad you enjoyed the cottage - it was so much fun to make out of bits I had at my home.
  18. sage minis

    Fairy Cottage

    This Fairy Cottage was made primarily from two large peanut cans and bark that fell off a tree stump in my yard.
  19. sage minis

    Fairy cottagfe

    From the album: Fairy Cottage

    The little fairy that resides at the cottage is by the foliage. The scene and details are half scale.
  20. sage minis

    Fairy Bathroom

    From the album: Fairy Cottage

    The Bathroom is on the roof of the cottage
  21. sage minis

    Dining area

    From the album: Fairy Cottage

    First story dining room with half scale table, chair and hutch. Fireplace is a tiled box.
  22. sage minis

    Fairy Bedroom

    From the album: Fairy Cottage

    This is the second story bedroom with half scale furniture embellisheded with twigs and leaves.
  23. sage minis

    Fairy bed

    From the album: Fairy Cottage

    Made primarily with twigs and moss from our yard
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