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  1. KatFord

    Facade Upshot.jpg

    HA! I can't wait to see it done! Kim
  2. You're inspiration photo is beautiful! I can't wait to see this project. I would also suggest paper clay for the exterior. I think it would be the best way to cover such a huge space. Kim
  3. KatFord

    pot filler.jpg

    Thank you, I used my 3D printer and painted it. Kim
  4. Yes, exactly!! The entire home will be a remodel. When it's done, the base will be set up with ladders, paint buckets, etc to show they are moving on to the exterior. Kim
  5. KatFord

    Vent hood.jpg

    Wow!! You're very sweet! Thank you! Kim
  6. KatFord

    Back of island.jpg

    Thank you! Yes, those sides can be bullies if they aren't cut straight! I had to make several attempts to get them right. HA Kim
  7. I've wanted that stove for years! Thats why it now sits in my dream kitchen! LOL Thank you! Kim Thank you for such sweet words! I can't tell you how much that means to me. It's my goal with each thing I work on, to bring it to life. Kim You're very sweet! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! It's my dream kitchen, one of the things about miniatures, we can create whatever we want! Thank you!!
  8. KatFord

    pot filler.jpg

    Thank you! Kim
  9. KatFord

    Vent hood.jpg

    Thank you for such sweet words! Kim
  10. Thank you both!! I love the pop of color! The fireplace may just be my favorite, maybe... Kim
  11. Thank you! Me too! LOL Kim
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