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  1. KatFord

    Column progression

    Nice job! I'm curious what size your wood column is at the start? Kim
  2. Keith, you need a YouTube channel and tutorials!!! I would be your first subscriber! Kim
  3. KatFord

    Entryway floor

    It's perfect in this space! Kim
  4. KatFord

    Entryway floor

    Where do you get your different woods? I would love to use something like this but haven't found it to scale. This is a gorgeous floor! Kim
  5. This is amazing! So much fantastic detail! Your work is very inspiring! Kim
  6. I have a mini chop saw that sits on the corner of my table. In the past, I've used a miter box and hand saw. Kim
  7. KatFord

    Tile 2

    Thank you! Yes, I added the door and the big space next to it. The tile is the mud room.
  8. I can’t wait to see what you create!
  9. KatFord


    Very inviting! Makes me think of a morning, right before sunrise, in a quiet kitchen with a warm cup of coffee. Nicely done! Kim
  10. This is AWESOME! Love the textures on this. Kim
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