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  1. THAT is sweet!! I may safe up for that one. That would be a whole lot nicer to use.
  2. The Easy cutter is the one I have and it doesn't work right. Never has, some times it cuts, some times it doesn't and the bar refused to stay in place.
  3. Hello. I too am starting on my house. One thing that helped me finally decide on what direction to take it was to figure out the "story". So I have a young American couple (sorry, I'm American so that's where my mind goes) transferred to France. They bought an old country house in serious need of work. The wife is an interior designer. She has spent the better part of 4 or 5 years slowly fixing the inside now they are moving to fix up the outside. Then I headed over to Pinterest and created a board for this house and found furniture, room ideas, outside looks, kitchens... everything that
  4. I love her work! Don't know if she is on here or not. I don't think she does tutorials on her stuff, I wish she did because I LOVE her work. I'm planning on doing similar windows as your second one for my French County house. I'll used my Cricut Maker to help with that.
  5. I think I'm going to order that cutter. I have a similar one, but it's never worked very good and I can't replace the blade. Thank you!
  6. I like them both, Keith! Thank you for the examples, that was what I needed. I'm a very visual person and have to see to be able to picture how it will look. I'm doing an old French country home that a designer has bought and is rehabbing. That's the story I've created to help me put this together.
  7. I have a very large dollhouse, 1:12 scale. It's so old, over 30, that I have no clue who made it or the name, but that's not important, just that its along the size of Newport or Beacon Hill. I have skinny coffee sticks, 1/4 inch wide, I think they're too small. I have the craft sticks that are .35, and the craft sticks that are .67 wide. I like a wide floorboard but I'm not sure if the .67 is too wide. What is your favorite width of floor boards for a larger house? Thanks! Kim
  8. Thanks, Holly. That's a good idea. Kim
  9. Thanks @Tigpuppy I'll see if I can find something like that. Kim
  10. I just watched your video... aren't you clever!!! I just got the Dremel for Christmas and I LOVE this!! Is that thing holding the Dremel a Dremel vise??? Thank you! Kim
  11. Oh, how fun! This on my future list of wants! Kim
  12. OMG! This is gorgeous! I'll have to go back and read through all the posts! Do you have tutorials for anything? I assume you built the fridge and most everything in here? Beautiful job!
  13. Happy New Year!! I'm excited to say I've finished construction of Mrs. Claus's kitchen and I'm on to the next project. I received a Dremel 3000 for Christmas. My new project is a house that my parents bought me or Christmas 35 years ago! I'm ashamed to say that other than building the shell nothing ever got done with it. I moved out, couldn't afford to do it the way I wanted, got married, raised a family, moved many times... but it followed us from house to house. Now I'm finally able to complete it the way I want and I'm excited to get started. On to my question, it's a front opening hou
  14. Thank you so much! I finally finished the construction now onto the decorating!
  15. KatFord


    Fireplace created with SVG from Heather Tracy at Thicketworks Studio and cut from the Cricut Maker.
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