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  1. This is fabulous. I'm researching how to make one right now and I was wondering if you used Gallery Glass paint for this or some other kind of paint? Thanks!
  2. I went to Ron's once. Amazing place. I thought I read last year it was closing down though -- is that not right? I also went to the one in Cocoa Beach, the Toy Box. The Toy Box is a nice store indeed, but it's not quite like Ron's. The Toy Box had a lot of building materials, lots of Pewter to paint, some nice stuff, but Ron's was just loaded and packed to the seams! The Toy Box has other giftware items also.
  3. Les Chinoiseries and Allison Davies both make wallpaper that look just like some on the Paul Montgomery website in case you are interested. https://www.alisondaviesminiatures.co.uk/murals-wallpaper http://www.leschinoiseries.com/epages/tienda_leschinoiseries_com.sf/en_US/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2Ftienda_leschinoiseries_com%2FCategories%2F%22PAPEL%20PINTADO%20MINIATURA%22
  4. I've painted it several times. Recently, on the Victoria's Farmhouse I'm working on. I went over mine with oil based Kilz first. Then I sanded that with very fine sandpaper. It's pretty smooth like smooth enough that I can run my hand over and it feel any little spot I missed in the sanding and fix it. I haven't painted it yet but have painted the Painted Lady using primer first as well on that one, and I feel it came out well. The primer is maybe more liquid than the paint so I think it might make a better first coat but I realize you are beyond that point right now. I'd keep sanding on it.
  5. I looked up my order history and I ordered many of these: 721012 - 7/16" CANDLEBODY SOCKET W/12" WHITE WIRES from miniatures.com that was quite a while ago so not sure if they still carry it.
  6. I scrapbooked for years before i got into dollhouses. I have tried so many papers to print...my very favorite, that has the best color, is untextured scrapbook cardstock that's high quality used for printing out your design after you've made a digital page (and bonus acid free). I can't remember what it was called specifically but the color is right on - just as bold as you see it on your screen, no fading, rich colors. I would experiment with that and with some of the nicer weight HP or Epson papers - had another from them that wasn't scrapbook paper that was almost just as nice..I might be able to find the name of it tomorrow but it's bean so long since I've ordered those papers.
  7. Yes, I agree, I did the same thing and she helped me and reprinted some older styles for me.
  8. Les Chinoiseries has incredible paper. They're in Spain so shipping is higher, but the fine fine texture, oh, I love the paper. I just collect it without a specific purpose sometimes.
  9. We’ve booked a room with me and husband a kids but I’ll be the one going gown and doing the buying. Last time i let each of the older kids go down with only me one at a time and select a few things to purchase. We were at the Bishop show. This year I also want to go to the miniature show in Schaumburg and the museum where the Thorne Rooms are. Anyone going?
  10. Woohoo, Miranda, victory indeed! That's so good! Dontcha feel great? This is a nice style, I agree.
  11. I thought "buy desperately," I sure know how that feels! It's like when you have an idea of what you want buy you aren't sure exactly and you buy stuff just in case. That was funny.
  12. You can email her directly and order. I did not too long ago.
  13. I always thought this lady made some cute chandeliers and her method is very do-able. She just uses the single bulb on a cord. Most of you have probably already seen this video.
  14. So the idea was to separate each of the double wires of each bulb string set, strip them, then if my memory is correct you take one from each set of two and combine all those into a group. Take the others, the remainder, and combine into one group. Then you can take these tiny heat shrink tubes and my plan was to fuse it all onto two final wires and that wire would come out the top of my chandelier. It's been so long, and stripping the wires and twisting was hard for me, they kept breaking but going to use the solder gun next time to try and strip the wires. If you can get the wires simplified into two final wires, an in current wire and and out current wire, you could definitely put them on a plug. Getting the wires through the tubes is a small challenge no matter what. My curves were pretty big so it was not a huge deal. Like the others were saying, if you had any smaller curves than what I have here, or fancy curves, I'm guessing you'd need to bend the brass with the wire fed through already. I was using the smallest diameter of brass that could physically hold those two tiny wires. Used 1/16 brass tube. My bends were 1"
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