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  1. My daughter is down in the Dominican Republic. She got there safe and sound on Sat. but I have been worried about Ike being so close to where she is. She called yesterday and said it was beautiful weather. Some bands of rain over the weekend but now was nice. I hope everybody here in the path of this terrible storm remains safe and sound.
  2. Oh your Garfield looks great! Isn't it a wonderful house? Has so many possibilities! I too would like to someday "change" a few things in mine. It was my first build so would like to add a few things that I have learned from this wonderful forum. Keep up the good work and keep those pictures coming!
  3. Gee at least you don't have what I have, big black jumping spiders! Gross and scary looking and they just show up periodically. Have no idea where they come from. I think they are called Camel spiders. Creepy looking to say the least. Oh and they come in a variety of sizes.
  4. Congrats on your Deb bed...I love mine :lol:
  5. Love skinny sticks and coffee stirrer sticks for hardwood floors. I have a whole bag of coffee stirrer sticks which I collected on my last cruise. I would grab a handful everytime I passed by the coffee station. :lol: Used a bunch in my BH. They really look great and are thinner then the skinny sticks.
  6. Praying for you and all that live in the path of the storm...Stay safe
  7. I used "plastic" floor tile sheets on the walls in my BH bath... I like the way it turned out.
  8. Happy Birthday Suzy! Hope you have a great day, hang in there and enjoy every minute of it
  9. Wow that looks like it's gonna be a beauty! Thanks for sharing Tracy or and thanks for the kudos on my Garfield Kathy Ya know the Garf was my first build and if I knew then what I know now I would have done thinks differently. I'm actually thinking on redecorating one of the bedrooms. Maybe a winter project, we'll see.
  10. Great job, Congratulations! :yes: :1st: :yay:
  11. IAK

    Liam Sean and Callie

    Oh yes Jen...Callie just loves my grandsons. They stayed with me for a week and Callie misses them...
  12. Awesome! LOVE IT! I'll be staying tuned
  13. Very proud momma here. Have four daughters, #1 daughters works for Lifescan a division of J&J and lives in CA with her husband. (I miss her) They both just finished up on their masters. In fact they are kinda famous. Newspapers in CA are running an ad for the masters program and used a picture of my daughter in it. HERE (She is the first one) #2 daughter is an oncology nurse and has 2 children. My beautiful grandsons that I brag about all the time #3 & #4 daughters are twins. One is a medical assistant with an OB/GYN and the other is a dental assistant with a lo
  14. Favorite Flower - Sunflowers Favorite Color/Colors - Dark Green like on my BH also love Blue, colonial blue Food has to be Pasta any kind of pasta mmmm just love it! Especially with a nice glass of Cab!
  15. Love that ROOF! The shingles look so real, what did you use? Love the defined white lines inbetween the shingles
  16. IAK

    1 yr compare

    Wowzer! You have lost a whole person! Looking good
  17. 3 little cuties, my 2 grandsons and callie
  18. IAK


    Look at this silly puppy!
  19. Me too Wendy...I just invited you to be my friend :lol:
  20. I did in the BH Living room. Used memory paper that looked like tin. Here's a picture of it Hope you can see it
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